New hardpoint for victory celebration

I wonder if we can allow some effects for victory celebration (e.g. shooting fireworks, firecrackers, confetti, flares, flowers, spark candles…). You can make it a special hardpoint that’s only activated after the “mission complete!” announcement show up. We won’t worry about visual obstruction or lagging because the game’s already end then.

This hardpoint might temporarily replace primary weapon and let players fire them manually. It can be customized at least by colors.

To solved the problem of stacking hardpoints, I have 2 ideas:
+) Maybe we can make them have limited ammo and stacking give you more ammo. The next effect will be used after the previous one ran out of ammo. The order used will be determined by the order equipped in fleet loadout.
+) Or, maybe we can make them have unlimited ammo but limited “firepower”. Stacking can help you shoot more at the same time, even different types simultaneously.

P/S: Can someone help me create some arts to illustrate it?

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If you have ideas to improve it, please comment below. Wish you all a good day with safe flights.


I had something similar in mind that I wanted to suggest.


Keep in mind some bosses have dropping parts which may last until game end, such as Sweater pieces or mothership blocks.

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Yes, but the “mission complete!” announcement only show up when they dissappeared.

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Another way to cheer up with teammates instead of shooting until overheated


Also spamming the remaining satelites and crazily flying around.


Or just spamming cluckers everywhere

I hope that’s true in multiplayer, as in singleplayer I have had mission completes come up while projectiles were still on the screen

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