New Gamemode: Sandbox Mode

OK. I have seen ENOUGH from people cheating and then crying on their knees for iA to unban them. Literally 10% of the whole clucking site is about unban requests and ban hammer nonsense.

So, how about a new gamemode called Sandbox?
Here, you have access to ALL equipment and everything. Yes, everything. All ships, all weapons, and everything else. This mode will have a sandbox version of your account. Note that you will not get any keys, food, score, or medals in Sandbox mode. Also, you cannot enter any competitions in your sandbox account.

You have unlimited keys and access to the Galactic Shop. No other entities or players will be in your galaxy (this includes Shady Dealers). In your loadout UI, you can right-click on any of your equipment and change the properties of it. For example, you can take a Laser Cannon, and change the firerate, projectile size, penetration properties, etc.


When it comes to cheating, if you even think about doing it, you might as well leave the game before you do something irreversible. Those who cheat and plead to IA should go unanswered, suck up the month long ban and either leave or ingrain the motion of not cheating in their minds.


I’m not saying that this is for the cheaters, but it may reduce the chance of people cheating since they can do literally anything in the new gamemode, and also, I think it would be fun to have a sandbox mode to experiment with different loadouts that people can’t normally get.


That sounds like a great idea.


Looks like a good idea bro, but i think if iA really want to add it in CIU, they should add it as a practice mode or to challenge your contacts with a very HARD BOSSES (you can change the speed of any enemy and it’s HP right?), a free trial to all exclusive features for CHL, or to just for fun.


Block them. Problem solved.

Other than that, the Sandbox Mode idea is interesting.

That is nice but i dont use cheat because im a pro ciu player :sunglasses:

Ok, I am NOT saying that this is directly for cheats or anything. It’s actually more of an experimental mode for players to test out the game and other things. And if people are just going to mod the game, why not make it into an actual feature?

In fact that this idea are great, but I think iA will never add it.
There are some reason I guess:

  • This game is already complicated enough. Adding them would require more time and effort, making it very hard to maintain.
  • Unlike episodes, this game has more part which connected to iA server. If cheating are allowed, his server might can’t stand with destructive cheats or virus/malware.
  • People would abuse this mode, cause any effort that iA had made for making levels, etc… be worthless.

Not to mention that some people are using weapon spreadsheet wrong way.

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This idea is technically already suggested. There were mission creator suggestions and given that you have to test the mission it’s pretty much the sandbox. But that suggestion is soon to be five years old.


Yeah, seems like @moon2004 has a point. There are probably going to be some cases where people are going to fire missiles and spam the server with high-graphics stuff, so it’s not going to end well. However, I think this is why there’s an FPS limiter to limit such high graphics.

It’s easy. We could just let people use 1 special weapon per minute

Then why add anything at all? Let’s just make CIU stay as it is forever since it requires more time and effort to add new content.

Sandbox mode doesn’t need to be connected to any server. In fact this sandbox idea was as VerMishelb already wrote suggested many times.

Oh noes, players are using sandbox mode to play how they want and it being the whole point of that idea.

What does that have to do with anything? Also, how can you say they are using it wrong way? Is there an only correct way to use it?

WHY DO YOU NEED A SERVER FOR SANDBOX MODE. Please elaborate your idea more, because I’m now confused as to what exactly are you suggesting.

Graphics quality has nothing to with server. FPS does have “something” to do with it, but special weapons should only inform the server that they were used and not to play any animation there.

i have an idea
why not let the sandbox mode for below tier 10 players?

“Correct” is too harsh. There’s an “intended” way, but there’s hardly a problem in letting people mess around with it for fun. If there was, access to the spreadsheet would’ve been restricted (probably, anyway).


That’s the problem. If player wants to do anything they want, then why did iA needs to generate a massive amount of missions, plus a very complicated map of galaxy ? It would be a waste of effort to him.
That’s why he had said that we should not expect about a mission editor.

So CIU matches the bare MMO requirements? Also, it was generated using existing waves which is something super basic to do and it works pretty well since you have ton of missions to choose from (or else the galaxy would feel repetitive (which it already kind of is, but that’s not the point of this topic))

Oh that is interesting. Where did IA said so?
Because on many occasions I recall IA saying “Yes” to mission editor but “No” to wave editor. Here something from 2018 for example:
Mission Creator

the wave generator and stuff is within the client-side code which doesn’t need internet connection, i think the server only supplies basic parameters like the seed for the mission generator, difficulty, length and so on

If it approved by iA then I think only mission editor and limited mechanic customization would be possible to be added.
For unlimited keys, foods and spacecraft, I don’t think so. It’s considered cheating.