New Feature: Custom Route

Custom route lets players choose what path they wanted to travel on, without the constraint of choosing between the two currently available options.


Custom route lets players travel on any route they want rather than on either the highway path or the shortest off-road path. The option appears alongside the two destination options that the player see when the chose a solar system.

Terms are used such as “starting point”, “node” and “end point” and these are essential for this feature. There are some rules when choosing this option though, which is listed below.

  1. Solar systems that are already visited can be used as a node of destination. Also, they can choose one as an end point.
  2. The player cannot choose a solar system that is not visited yet as a node.
  3. A solar system can only be chosen once as either a starting point, node or end point.
  4. If two solar systems are connected by the interstellar highway, then the highway cost will used otherwise the off-road cost. In the image below, going from solar system b to c will cost the player “highway cost from b to a” + “off-road cost from a to d.”
    *The player must own off-road license to do this.
  5. From #2, the player can still choose a solar system that is not visited yet as an end point. “I go on this route for fun” is possible:
  6. Pressing “ESC” will cancel/reset the route selection. Click on a solar system to select/deselect as a route. See #3 why, although stacking would be possible.

That would be all, although there are some points that I missed and some grammatical errors. I’d appreciate your genuine feedback.


but off road tho

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Well, there are some cases others even call it bug that off-road gives cheaper cost than the highway route. Going on just two available routes is boring (imo) and doesn’t give the player much freedom when it comes to traveling like real-life.

Eh, I brought that up before:

I’ll remove cost as a reasoning. Probably will make it simple as well.

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