Off-Roading Travel Costs

Was this intended, or an oversight? I noticed that the Off-Roading Costs do not follow the same rule as taking the Interstellar Highway. (I’m aware that Off-Roading Costs depend on the distance between the two locations)

Both screenshots are taken from the same Star System.

From a planet that’s closer to destination:

From a planet that’s further from destination:

As you see, the Off-Road distance in the first screenshot is shorter as it’s from a planet that’s closer to the destination, but shouldn’t it follow the Interstellar Highway’s fixed distance, rather than calculating the distance between the destination and your exact location? You could save almost 50 fuel on Off-Roading from just going to a planet that’s somewhat closer to your intended destination.

It’s probably trivial, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.


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