New exhuast

So i made a new exhaust in my mind its something like this
But lets cut in half
Each half have own color like a half be green and other be yellow
The screen shot i took is for chl players and this one
Is for non chl players and its still cut in half just the brightness is diffrent i hope you like it i can draw it too

  • good
  • bad
  • draw it then let me see
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This is what i mean down one for chl players
It can be custom if you thought no



alternative that i messed up



Oh wow this is so cool !!!

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Yeah good i mean this how you did this photoshop?

I think maybe this idea did his work and one ofnit is good😄

For me, instead of a new exhaust of the same kind. I think it should just be a new paint job for exhausts (From vertical to horizontal) (for people who like it that way.

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Yeah i have told its just that sane exhaustes but can be colored diffrent

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chances are iA is too busy to read this idea at all and will feel annoyed when he sees you ping him like this, so just don’t.

Then is there a way to send this to v143 beta topic

just wait lol

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We need gradient exhausts fr

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