New egg types idea

Well i did a model of the new eggs, who can make the game a bit harder. Lets see what represents:

Description: These eggs can be released from everything, whether from chickens or bosses like a big chicken or Henterpise.
The first egg, with the green waves is run as often as regular eggs. If this egg hit your spaceship cant shoot for 5 seconds be carefull.
The second one with yellow waves, can stop your shooting for 7,5 seconds if hit you.
And the most dangerous one (with red waves) can stop your shooting for 9,5 seconds. This egg is very rare released from bosses and chickens in general, and you could see it very rarely, but if you see it, watch out for a lot. This 3 eggs will be ramdomized with the normal eggs in my theory.
@InterAction_studios I dont know how you have not overtaken me with this. I think many players would like these kinds of eggs making their game difficult.

P.S This eggs cant kill you, just stop your shooting. Tell me what you think about this :thinking:


If they don’t kill you,and are randomized with the normal eggs,don’t they make the game easier? Or I just got it wrong…

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If they killed their effect, it would not make sense to me. For example, if any of these eggs fall off and you can not shoot, and during that time the the normal eggs or some chicken kill you.

I apologize.Do these eggs appear along with regular eggs,or do they just randomly replace normal eggs?

Just randomly replace the normal eggs sometimes. And sometimes apear after normal egg, for example: normal egg fall, after this the ‘‘special egg’’ can fall after him.

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What if they locked your poſition too? That way you’d have a pretty good chance of dying, but it’s not 100%, keeping the game at juſt about the ſame difficulty (although the total number of eggs would have to increaſe ſlightly). And they ſhould lock miſſiles and ſattilites, forcing the player to watch helpleſſly to ſee if he’ll die or not. Otherwiſe I think it’ll make it far leſs dangerous to hit an egg, and make the game way eaſier.


I take it this is a typo and you meant to write “can’t”?

if you avoid all eggs, where’s the difference?

Thanks for the correction very much Traveller

Oh,okay. I apologize for misunderstanding. Good to see that it’s original,too. I don’t remember the last time I saw a projectile suggestion

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No problem you are welcome every time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or maybe, and this is just a suggestion, they should have some an EMP-like area effect? So if you get hit by one you die, and if you’re in range of the EMP your weapons are temporarily disabled? That’d probably make it a bit harder since dodging eggs isn’t usually all that difficult in the first place.


Hmm your suggestion is very good. I dont have problem to be improved and really avoiding eggs is not that difficult for that I think your proposal is better, but anyway.


Btw, is it true that in CIU will have health bar or its just speculation? If the health bar is real, this eggs maybe can do some damage on your spaceship and then stop your shooting. I think that’s can be better.

I just looked through the forum and found two mentions of a player health bar. They’re both fanmade though so most likely no.

I was heard this from @Arnav from Chicken Invaders wiki. He was talking a lot for this and I thought it could be added in advance to the game.

I think this will be boring. In every game you can easy live without shooting more than 10 sec. Those eggs will just make gameplay longer.

Yes I suggested it in one of my first posts and personaly I would love to see health bar instead of lives system. It would make more sense since the game is like mmo.

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MMO in the sense of exploring the galaxy. I doubt they’d want to change the core gameplay like this.


I had thought of this kind of eggs very recently, it would be better if, for example, if they hit you, maybe you could stop firing and slow down the speed of your ship. Without your coments i would not have thought about other improvements to the special eggs. But if they somehow like it by InterAction Studios they can improve it better, thats it.

But they are already changing some core gampeplay, just look at how weapons now work. There is no missiles unless u buy them and Ithink weapons now require ammo, don’t know about that I may be wrong