New edition idea: Football

So you have known that World Cup is one of the most popular event on the world. Mostly games have their event to respond World Cup. However, how can CIU respond this big event? I think an edition about it could be better. Like Halloween, Xmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, Football edition would be a new edition for CIU if iA agrees.
However, this year World Cup is celebrated too late because of Qatar’s weather in summer. iA declined my idea because it’s very close to Thanksgiving. Also, it’s very close to Chrismas, when the Final match will be celebrated in 18th December.
That’s why a football edition can’t be added at this time. So here is my plan: While we waiting for the next big football event (maybe it’ll be Euro 2024) to experiment, we can try to make some pictures about the clothes of the chickens and the bosses, and iA will consider them later. That’s all!

If you have some idea about a football edition for any enemies, you can post your idea in here.
I’ll make a sample first in here:
Football player in Henpire team
A player from Henpire football team: Big Chicken


you really go for it, don’t you, despite of this?

Surely it’s the same respond as Euro 2024 stuff, since it’s not a holiday.

On second thought, i have a simple idea for this.

Just change football texture to something special, like golden football ig. That’s enough to refer to the event.


Which games have events in response to world cup?

I mean, CI 6 will have another slot for a new edition to make (Chicken Invaders X. X = number of editions), but why football? Even a Summer edition sounds more fitting - chickens in swimsuits, hot weather, sunglasses etc.

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I can’t listed them. Actually those games are come from The West, where have events of great significance. That’s mean they include any games come from America and Europe. Certainly a big game can respond those big events

Here’s mine but I want this on every chicken breed and chicks .


Your idea is really creative and cool but it’s not worth it because the soccer world cup is held every 4 years. IA cannot design new uniforms for this theme to use them every 4 years. That’s A LOT of time

Not really this edition can be added when World Cup is celebrated, Euro could be an interesting event. You know, although Euro is celebrated for European teams, but it has a huge appeal all over the world. So that mean, Football edition - each 2 years, that’s enough.

It’s still too much but yeah it can be

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Let’s imagine that which chicken/boss could become a “Referee”

Let’s imagine not bumping topics without good reason

Bumping for what?
So what’s your mean of “dead idea”? You like it? Or do you like the feeling that there’s a big community but there are a little people contact to your idea?

You could absolutely bump the topic with some good reason. Something you forgot about or some new additions, but you basically did a “hey people I’m bumping this topic and you all think about referee chicken”. There’s 0 effort in that.

I’m gonna need you to clarify what you meant.

Well nobody likes when their topics die out, but it is what it is. You can take it from me - I have 58 topics closed and one to follow very soon because Fractorial still didn’t post the reply that was promised 12 days ago. It happens.

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