New Competitive Mission about Time

As you know, we have so many Competitive Missions which are all about Points
( Weekly Challenge, Ironman, Pot Luck, Budget, Weapons Training, Today’s Scramble, also Galactic Cup)
But have you ever thought that Competitive Missions about Time is too few?
(Only Space Race)
My idea is about creating a new Competitive Mission call: Athlete Speeder
Here’s the thing in this:

  1. You got randomized equipments, same as Pot Luck. (it can be bad or good equipments)
  2. This mission is play Single-only, Multiplayers won’t be allowed.
  3. Same as other Competitive Missions, Backgrounds, Cuisines, Wave & Boss Tracks can be equipped.
  4. Special Weapons also be allowed to play this (if randomized)
  5. You can play as much times as you can, but the fastest time will be taken into consideration.
  6. 2 Disconnections allowed at Max, last for 3 days.
  7. Reach 1st place, the medal awarded is still a Space Race medal.
  8. Mission Duration : 5x6 with 0-100% Difficulty. (same as normal Space Race)
    A new Competitive Mission about time, also you have to Race with your given equipments, which can be longer time or short time depends on it.
    Thanks to @OrvilleTheOrca for helping me with this idea.
    Leave your comment below so i can improve this idea.
    Do you like this idea?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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I suggested something similar. (Minus the Pot Luck part)

But it was denied.

bro. as u can see, @PlasmaX has suggested this idea. but is denied

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No. My idea is completely different.

Same as Daily Mission variants, but you’re competing with time instead of score I guess.

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