New category

We should get a bug/troubleshooting category, for you know. Bugs and problems with the game. Not saying that should be the name, though.


I really feel like this bug category will be useful as medals are awarded for finding them.
We have ideas and contribution medals, why not a bug section and bug finding medals?

Sorry anti-bumpers for triggering you.

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Uh… sir, Early Access category is a way to report a bug and troubleshoot. So I think a new category is unneeded.
And how IA award that “Bug finding” medals ?

Technically if the Ideas category didn’t exist, you could say they belong to Early Access, as they are part of the game. Early Access doesn’t just list bugs and etc. A category wouldn’t hurt?
It would help IA look for bugs too, because they award medals immediatly to those who first create a topic (or email them) on a bug.