New Bosses for Chicken Invaders Universe

The New squawk block bosses!
Boss name:
The Squawker
Concept Art:

Boss Name:
The Rookie Squawker

The Bomb Thrower Squawker
Concept Art:

New Boss!
Boss Name: It’s Epic Party Time!
Concept Art:

Boss Name:
The Veteran Military Chicken
Concept Art:


I don’t see a skill description here, but I’ll try to recommend an attack idea.
This first chicken will shoot multiple eggs at the same time that are targeted at players (they are homing and will continue to aim at the player) and will explode with a greater range than normal eggs on the closest contact.
For the second chicken, I have no idea…

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I have an idea for the second boss:

  • Movement path: Unlike its counterpart’s debut, this boss just moves down from the mid-top part of the screen, the proceeds to move around like its counterpart’s mid-game move. (Speed varies by mission difficulty)
  • Balloon attack: The boss occasionally throws out balloon shields that act the same way as Dr Beaker’s papers, except that they pop upon destruction as opposed to burning down. (HP varies by mission difficulty)
  • Egg/poop combination (idea based on concept art): the boss’s original counterpart has poops as the only attack, therefore let’s spice things up with eggs, shall we? The boss now spits poops and eggs in random directions, plus volleys of poops/eggs alternating (eggs move 20% slower than poops with a larger hitbox in compensation) (Spitting speed/Volley projectile speed varies by mission difficulty)

For the first boss, its egg-bomb attack may not fit well in squawk block as your movements are limited to the screen bottom, while these eggs explode if you’re nearby, leaving a deadly lingering omelette, which could be heavily exploited by only staying below the boss.

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I guess this isn’t needed then.

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Second one looks like something I’ve already suggested

I like it

Feels semi redundant in design to the comet and the army chicken but I’m okay with these ig.


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