New Boss: The King of U.C.O

This is the King boss, if we have the King of Crabs form CI4. Why we don’t have the King of U.C.O.

This is version has a very complex pattern of attacking. This boss zoom is 150% like King of Crabs and here is attack:

First, it use Red Laser twice, Green Lasers then relocating to a different point. After that, it use Egg Cannon three time, Purple Neutron two time then relocating to a different point one more time. Final it attack all at once like U.C.O #4 after that relocating to a different point comeback the first attack

Thanks for reading.


That looks like UCO5 that almost everyone in the forum wanted IA to add it.

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Ah yes, U.C.O #5, one of the most commonly suggested bosses in the forums. In short, too unoriginal of an idea.


And someone’s account had been reset, because he was begging too much for uco #5

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Wow it’s U.C.O. from my old idea. Just you removed ufo chickens.


why the legs are still 6 despite having 8 guns

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You know, I wanted to make look like this, also I wasn’t that good in editing.

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Ugh, plagiarism. That makes things even worse, not only is it an unoriginal idea, the design was also stolen from a previous idea.

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dis is uco 5 not king of uco

that just looks like uco 4 with purple guns tacked on, according to its attacks it probably wouldnt feel too different from that boss

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uco 4+ purple laser guns= uco 5

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why are we still frankensteining a single boss again


Yeah, the “UCO 5” meme is long gone


We will need a big screen to can survive and fight with this boss
+1 support your idea


i just hate the fact that the person who made the whole forum thing stole the idea from Crashie

Hey everyone, here is real picture

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It’s the same design, just that the purple lasers are now in-between the green lasers and the egg cannons, instead of being alongside the red lasers. Still very unoriginal.

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If everyone don’t know, it’s a U.C.O. #7 just not U.C.O. #5

Because previous image it’s a of Crashie, i just remove UFO Chickens. So I remake new picture for this boss

bruh?? :expressionless: :no_mouth: :expressionless: :no_mouth: