New boss: Super turkey and attack discussion

We all know the Easter edition super chick has been added with its own move so why don’t we add the Super turkey into the game, which will also have its own attack patterns

So My ideas for attacks are
Pie Throw: Throws pies at you where you are standing
Pumpkin Burst: Throws pumpkins at random directions (These may sound like feather brain attacks but these pumpkins are moving quickly.)
Let me know what are your ideas for this boss’s attack pattern.


maybe it should be made more unique than that

Hen Approach: does a shockwave attack with warning, then summon 3~5 chickens at random places from the outside of the box, doesnt chase after spacecraft
but i think you need another name and picture

Is there a PNG image of the Turkey boss, i can design the attacks using that

Also I got a new attack:
Pumpkin Explosion: The turkey shoots a big pumpkin to the center and explodes into pieces (like supernova debris)


Sorry, I dont

Does the debris (supernova portion) flies or fall to the ground?

It flies off, first big pieces of pumpkin, if you damage it it will become smaller

In a straight line or a parabolic direction

How much, or how many time will 2 smaller portion come out from the original if a portion is damaged continuously

Now I understand why images convert to JPG. They are too large. Here it is cropped:



Thx, i will try to visualize the attacks i am talking about

In random directions

About same as the supernova debris

Also can you add the pumpkin from the game and the pie from the game, the PNG image if you have it.

No, I meant how will it move not where will it move

Its like this, sorry i am bad at drawing

Ah, that would mean it flies straight

Yeah it flies straight at random direction

What would be the theme for the turkey bosses

  • CI4 Thanksgiving theme
  • CI4 Boss theme
  • Custom theme (Like Thundercluck)

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Pumpkin Burst
Here is how pumpkin burst attack works, they all go in random directions in a straight line.