New boss (sorry dont have any pics): CX-7 ? (which is a dark hero ship)

the boss’ attacks will be:

  1. a gigantic circle (like party chicken) of “plane”-flu guns
  2. he hires his family (henterprise, CX-7, and egg cannon) to shoot litterally lasers in any direction
  3. he fires a stream of microguns
    4 (as a advantage). he has 5x your current firepower
  4. (the first) he spawns black holes
  5. he might use all of his attacks at once
    some suggestions:
  6. is it too overpowered?
  7. i will make IA way slower because of these abilities
    hp:10 mil (his supportives are 200k), and he regenerates every 50 secs
    20%, will like the sans fight (which is black screen then firing lasers then black screen and firing plasma rifles)
    40%, he has the circle ability
    60% he spawns freaking ricchocheting (i cant spell) laser cannons, fires a stream of suns, and shooting lasers at any direction (like hend game)
    80%,he can use all of his abilities at the same time (litterally a trap) and stealling your satellites (good luck on those unlucky tries)
    the egg cannon should be more like this:
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It sounds like a nice boss but could you explain it more carefully? like: Is this boss exclusive to any type of planets? What’s the boss’ health? How will higher skill levels change the boss’ behaviour? So everyone can understand what you’re talking about better.


oh health : 4mil
harder means attacks will be faster
and it’s not exclusive

If the boss has only 130K health the battle will last 20 seconds, though

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it’s awfully low for a type of end-boss like Henterprise or Egg Cannon, The Egg Cannon has around 1 Million health.

The Egg Cannon and Henterprise has the same amount of health, actually. And the Yolk-Star has 60000 health total

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Ah, yes. I was wondering about a health buff on higher difficulties?

10 million health Egg Cannon here we go

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this sound like a idea i posted long time ago

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hp needs to be higher 10 million (50%) 25 mil (100%)
and he spawns other bosses (soldier chicken, party chicken, even the henship) but they fire quite slow, just to support him

you are correct: egg cannon 10mil if spawned as well as henterprise, they will fire lasers

i meant 10 mil

egg cannon and henterprise has 10 mil health , being a support the dark hero

and another reason if you didnt kill the boss too quick, he will regenerate his health by 10% every 20s if not attacking

wtf just edit your posts and use quotes goddamit


dark player

bruh it was hard to find this photo but this is last time im posting

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