New bird breed: Electric Chickens/Phoenixes

Here’s a new breed of bird, after getting shocked by lightning for so much, this bird will turn into an electric chicken/phoenix!

How they work: They will have a chance of 1%-10% of spawning in non-electrified environments. More will spawn in electric environments (like how chillers and phoenixes spawn). As they’re getting ready to attack, there will be warning lines for lightning strikes. Their attacks are not lethal but they can make your ship’s weapon and HUD to malfunction and causes them to freak out a bit but it will go away in 2 secs (depending on mission difficulty - the harder the mission, the longer the effect. Maximum effect length is 4 secs)

Mission difficulty to spawn: 75%+ (skill level doesn’t count)

Strong to: Electric groups

Weak to: Fire, metal, special groups

What do you think?
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How does that make sense? Skills affect difficulty. So a wave with 80% difficulty and rookie skill can spawn these but a wave with 110% difficulty(70%+40% from ssh) can’t…


What does that meant to be is electric phoenixes/chickens will spawn at mission base difficulty of above 75%

Isn’t this idea suggested before ?

I didn’t ask what you meant, I said it makes no sense.

What is he trying to say that, you are disallowing them from appearing if a skill is used at some certain difficulty which makes zero sense, Skill increase difficulty and make it pass the limit where specified breeds, stuff should appear, but this one is against it which doesn’t make sense.

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I have no issue with these although eventually ‘flavour of the planet’ chickens will get redundant.

Having an unusable UI and having to relly on memory and senses for a succesful run is a neat idea, but attaching this kind of an effect attached to the electric chicken isn’t the best way to do it in my opinion.

If you really want to have an electric chicken I counter-propose making them produce a small lightning attached to a random egg on the map. It would move, sure, but it would also be small as it’s not taking all the screen.

And the UI not working could be just an enviromental issue much like darkness and storms

If my suggestions would get implemented pls giv medal :pleading_face:

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