Neutral Chickens and their mechanics

These enemies appear randomly, they have no attacks, the clothes are black and white (I used the CI3 model)

Once we hit them, they are furious and try to kill you as usual chickens: eggs.
All clothing then turns black (don’t look at the hat)

But when we don’t attack and fly to the chicken it becomes friend and fight by your side, it moves like a satellite. Clothing turns white.

How will we deal with attacks and hitboxes?
Good chickens, like enemies, will drop eggs at random, good egg cannot kill us, but it will kill the enemy immediately, but enemies like UFOs, Gatlings, Conteners, Armored, Slobs, Chickenauts, Asteroids, Barriers and Bosses are immune to it. Chicken dies when an enemy hits it, no matter what, also when it collides with another chicken, barrier e.t.c.

And what do you choose, points or friend? Greetings!


Why would a chicken be neutral?



  1. He doesn’t want to get involved in a fight unless he gets hit.
  2. He doesn’t care about the fight between Henpire and UHF.
  3. Why not.
  4. It’s always some new enemy, right?

Complex chicken
Despite good idea, how can iA code it?

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I think attacking it would change its state from “satellite” to “enemy”

This breed is similar to one made by me a month ago (I’m revisiting that topic often in order to avoid coward 2.0) but they force different playstyiles.


Y’all forgot that neutral chickens existed a year ago.

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