My wave ideas #8

Months later, more wave ideas! We’re close to the AWIC (Annual Wave Idea Contest)!

Wave Idea #1: Stormy With A Chance Of Eggs

A variant of Cloudy With A Chance Of Eggs. It’s the same wave, but with drones. They’ll shoot lasers like it’s an electric storm. Please, don’t bring an umbrella.

Wave Idea #2: Drip’O’Chick

A drip of enemies that bounces everywhere, on the floor and the walls, until it’s all taken care of. Please, bring an umbrella.

Wave Idea #3: Rocket Power

Flower Power, but this wave idea features egg ships. They revolve around enemies and shoot eggs everywhere. The harder this wave, the more egg ships. No pollen, only eggs!

Wave Idea #4: Ping Pong

This wave idea is essentially a combination of Brick Breaker and the famous retro game Pong. The harder the wave, the more, faster balls. If you have a bad ping while playing this wave, pray to win without dying.

Wave Idea #5: Portal Fan

The portals, altogether, will spawn enemies 3 times. Each time, enemies form a spinning fan while spawning, and stop, forming a rectangle around the screen. Anomaly zones will be very helpful! Are you a fan of my wave ideas? Do they blow your mind?

Wave Idea #6: Snakes’N’Drones

A version of Chicken Interception with lines of enemies that raise and fall. The head of each snake is a drone. Since when snakes have feathers and can fly in space?

Wave Idea #7: Bubble Pop!

Bubble Pop, but the bubbles are clucking. Each detonated bomb turns off its line of bubbles, then you go for the enemies. Bombs aren’t needles, but their explosions are the sharpest in the Western!

Wave Idea #8: Air Drone Force

Remember these posts?

Well, this is my version. Except that the balloon chickens would be upper and a bit slower than in Pop 'Till They Drop!. Balloon chickens are cheaper than aircraft chickens, way to save a lot of keys for the groceries!

Wave Idea #9: Bramball Droids

These droid enemies are inspired by the bramballs from New Super Mario Bros Wii/U. See the way they move forward? Each droid raises a paw, swings it in the air, and lands it ahead, and so on. They are better slow and protected than fast and unprotected, aren’t they?

Wave Idea #10: Drone Tower

A tower that collapses as you keep putting more and more enemies out of their misery. Watch out, though, as it is equipped with egg drones that also collapse with the rest! Beware, speedrunners!

Wave Idea #11: ?


(Is this a wave that includes eggy question marks that move and loop? Do the eggs randomly contain coins and several unique enemies? Is it safe to take the question marks down quickly?)

What am I saying?

Wave Idea #12: What’s In The Boxes?

A wheel of alien containers that spins around you. Two of them actually contain satellites, each of the others frees assassin chicks upon destruction. The assassin chicks will attempt to terminate you. This wave will fade away when everything is taken down. Do the aliens really think this is a funny prank!?

Wave Idea #13: Checkmate, Droids!

A squawk block of droids and bubbly food that loops in a rectangle. Every droid taken down will pop the bubble beside it.

Wait a minute, droids don’t squawk…

Wave Idea #14: Fireballs

A couple of fireballs that rotate and bounce on the floor and the ceiling. And it’s looped. Toasty!

Wave Idea #15: Claw Machine

This claw is specifically designed to throw droids and bubbly food more or less everywhere. And of course, they ricochet. ‘‘A Winner Is You!’’, say the droids.

Wave Idea #16: Plasma Ball

A big ball full of enemies that revolve around the ball barrier, illustrating a plasma ball. As time passes, enemies will temporarily come out to expand their ‘‘plasma ropes’’. Remember, kids, the plasma ball is a weapon, not a toy! And don’t let it distract you!

Perhaps someone in particular would like to approve this wave idea?..

Wave Idea #17: Just A Happy Little Accident

They don’t make mistakes, they only have happy little accidents.

Seriously, let’s beat the Henpire out of this paint brush.





I approve, for it is a cool wave

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Plasma Rifle approves as well.

I can’t believe you’ve made a drawing this good as a way to approve my wave idea…



I think that “The summer of waves” fits better as a name.

Anyway these are amazing waves!


Good waves overall.
Waves nr 1 and 3 especially because we need more of them for IA to add these enemies back.
Wave nr 17 also is great.

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I guess I can’t disagree with you.



Are you a Bob Ross fan too?

(Quite a surprise to see you reply in one of my wave idea topics, considering you usually don’t.)

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Don’t know if fan is good way to describe, but I do like him.

Well I only log in when I need to say anything and since those waves really should get added then I logged in to “vote” so IA sees it.

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And the more likes my wave idea topic has, the more IA will work into its wave ideas. But I can’t force anyone to like my wave idea topic, so it’s your choice.

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