My thought of current state of Superstar Hero skill

I have seen a lot of changing relate to SSH skill, and i feel it doesn’t look that hard anymore like the past, it’s being nerfed time by time.

Many people have yelled for the gameplay torturing and ask to nerf or even remove some of its features because they use SSH as default. Beside of that, some people use it as base judgement for ideas and suggestions, end up with nerfing it, make it easier to not have to use specials and satellites and somehow take that nerfing advantage to farm keys and food.

SSH is meant to be the most difficult skill and you are likely to meet badass waves and you could die a lot. It also encourages you to use specials and satellites to overcome those waves.

I hope everyone will use it properly. If you use it on hard gameplay and it’s too hard, use lower skill until you feel confident to beat it with ssh again. And also hope for remaining the true difficulty of it.


I don’t join this game since the earliest version, but I can agree that SSH nowadays in CIU is quite easy and it’s not even like the thing to create a challenge more.
I have seen like, people use it for entertainment, not for training skills tho.
There’re many situations with this, even DT.

Uhhh u guys want the grand master difficulty? :skull:

Make a new difficulty that is on the lines of Ironman. SSH is basically the easy difficulty nowadays, so it’s not a challenge. Ironically, the episodes actually feel like a challenge with SSH active because the bosses are more spongy and so are any spawns (look at the Egg Cannon in 4U).

Also, any new difficulty needs to have warning zones gone, like how SSH was before. I know it sounds like a bad idea, but it gives that appeal of being harder, despite being able to memorize the wave patterns.


Should i make a poll to see who want a new difficulty?

I’m pretty sure I could still beat episodes deathless like in the past. I can’t finish hardest SSH missions in CIU (that’s why I returned to easy or tourist, don’t remember exactly).

SSH became insane in CIU. There was supposed to be 2 more harder difficulties, but for some reason (maybe the players) IA kept buffing the SSH.


It’d be fruitless, if you ask me. I made a poll a while back about making a new difficulty (along with an option of redoing SSH) and it got shot down.

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Well, i remembered exactly that everything is starting from here. By some reason, the poll’s winners are anyone who want to keep the marked zones in highest difficult

Mostly my suggestion is used to balance the game for everyone, not to make SSH easier. But i think SSH become easier because of starting from that poll, which not in my wish.

Second, if you notice exactly, you will see that SSH is more easier because of new breed chicken. Do you remember the time we meet Coward Chicken so much? Starting from Alchemist Chicken, we met Coward less than we expected.

I don’t know exactly that when SSH was starting to be easier, but i saw a video from v10.1, which the bosses had been speed up too fast, there are some bosses i saw that they are worthy to keep that speed until now, but i don’t know why they are removed?

Really, i have to say that… it’s “unreasonable but reasonable actually”. Let’s talking about Vietnam community first. Chicken Invaders is our childhood game, so mostly player want to play CIU for entertainment more than training skill.

Which topic Player often post in Vietnam CIU community facebook group? They post:

  • “Where can i find BX9 Legendary?” (BX9 is just an example)
  • “Where can i find wormhole’s location?”
  • “Can i have Keyrush location?”
  • “How should i farm key/food?”
  • “Can someone join my room to suppose me for winiing the mission?”
  • “How can i or my friend join a multiplayer together, we can’t join a multiplayer to other rooms?”
  • “Who want to join my squadron, make sure you are working hardly?”
  • If a longer player like me or you post in that community, they commented “Can i have your key/food, please?”
  • Someone will try to ask everyone in the community for getting the CHL.
  • Buy/sell CIU account. This is already be listed in ToS, but there are still some people that don’t know this rule in ToS. I try to tell everyone this, but not all people see this notification.
  • etc…

As you can see, mostly players in community want to play CIU for entertainment, not for training skills. I’m afraid that if we make CIU too hard, we are losing a lot of players due to “losing a childhood game” issue. Because it’s too hard to farming key/food, until they get bored of the game and quit the game faster. We should try to keep the game because of community, not for only our.

I’m not sure how about other CIU community in many countries in the world, but this is just my opinion about the relationship between Community and Game. I got this experience from another game, which their community are trying to “boycott” the Develop Game in the past. But now, Develop have to follow the pressure of the community. (yes it’s a childhood game too).


i also feel like tourist isnt easy enough as it says, or is it because its just one step below the default difficulty. and in the current state the higher the difficulty the higher tier enemies are replaced with. which most of them are pure damn annoyance instead some challenge in the spirit of difficulty. yes i remember when i was last in the game and having a lot of things annoy me, including not being able to clean sweep some waves with muller ship with near perfect execution of gameplay, literally impossible unless you use some bx and even some damage amplifier on top of it just to kill all. but its also tedious to change difficulties based on the mission, and you dont see whats coming anyway so

also it would be good if diffiuculties have represent their names in terms of difficulty

if so, feel free to lower the difficulty to your pleasure, thats what it stands for.

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sounds like you suck, i breeze through almost everything with my standart equipment and firepower of “10+(MAX)”

“Hardest” missions also cover the ones locked behind the CHL: Double Team and Ironman challenge. I may be wrong, but there hasn’t been a single person capable of passing the second one without deaths or special equipment (besides, the standard equipment is not 10+, but 8+, as it’s an H&C 101).

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I mean, probably. In the past I could keep up with SSH, but now I just want to blast some chickens for fun.

Yeah, I’ve sold all my things in EA and didn’t bought them back so I’m always starting from 1lvl moron railgun and don’t even have a spaceship that can get max power.

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those challenges require the “license” which i wont buy. and the standard equipment is the classic and generic one, not the default one you start with

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