My suggestions for future feature updates

I think that CIU needs these in order to be more famous/success/diverse:

  1. More content to encourage player to discover: Add some kind of unique missions/bosses/environment to a far-away star system. Make them fun, special, extremely difficult but UNIQUE (iron man event is not that fun to play since it is just familiar waves). They should require specific conditions to be met like reaching certain rank, career score, etc but not CHL please​:no_entry_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::no_entry_sign:.

  2. More element/feature to the universe: Floating keys? Supernova explosion? Planetary mission from CI5? I think the current one is a bit dull/empty/repetitive.

  3. Something to promote streamers, content creators: A mode where 2 pilots fight each other simultaneously, maybe by attacking opponent’s base or score as many points as possible while flying giant waves (double the size of the regular one?). A solo mode is definitely worth your effort implementing. Though iconic, the whole CI series lack this. It’s kinda boring to just fly the same waves/bosses all the time.

There are already dare mode.


I Was Meaning A One pilot fights another pilot and they have the health when the health finish off they lose a live until a someone wins and other lose

You can’t actually make content about dare battles. I want a mode in which 2 players fly the same giant mission at the same time (just like multiplayers), split screen is also acceptable. It is a place to showcase your skills to others


And we have another one. 21 more before it gets added (/s)

This is also suggested ages ago.

Retro missions don’t seem popular, droid raids are even less. I don’t think a unique mission type located at the other side of galaxy will encourage anyone to fly there. There is technically key rush…

Something similar is buried deep down the multiplayer ideas from the times when we had no multiplayer at all. There was also that epic suggestion of a giant boss that would only be possible to defeat with many players at once playing in co-op.

If you look into older suggestions from 2018-2021 you will find a lot of stuff that is likely to address your points. Kokokokos has even made a monstrous list of suggestions liked by iA when he used to do that, while iA mentioned multiple times that the Todo list for CIU is bigger than Everest and is hardly organised.

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Those missions already exist in the game for 10 years or so. I want some end-game features with some brand new bosses, scenery, even some “plots” (the elite mission from UHF?). They should be really distinct from regular planet missions, more complex, gigantic. Make them as hard or even harder iron man. I love those so much :))

I think there are more than enough regular waves and bosses. Since IA has finished implementing CIU to mobile port, I think it’s best to focus on extending gameplay. More game modes, events, the henpire and space burger headquarters (you can’t just fight everything they send to you but not the headquarters themselves). I’m really looking forward to all these things.

Well, the current focus is anticheat more content. It just happened that the latest boss was that hard to implement that nothing else had yet occurred.

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