My problem with CIU nowadays (lack of content)

the game practically have like 0 story and the rest is the CI lore built up from the episodes. the only thing we know for real there will be kfc is that you work for the uhf killing chockies and competing. but there’s like no real goal. its just shooting chockies until you get bored and upgrade stuff, especially after tier 99 when you likely have everything in the world, the medals do not help much anymore. and thats why i left. i dont play it much but there is still potential in this game. please add more endgame equipment, please start suggesting more endgame content. the game will be interesting if there is more dream spacecrafts that you want to buy. hard-to-earn goals should be fairly rewarded, making it worth achieving. perhaps limited edition spacecrafts would be (hell no but we really need more spacecraft families, even if it is overpowered, we can just make tiered leaderboards, on a second note there should be a rating score to how powerful your fleet is)


does hend game count as endgame content


yes considering that the other encounters of henterprise is busy crying to mama

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Its not a game which has a story line. Its just a mashup of older episodes. not CI6…

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free fire has more story than ciu

CIU is a MMO competitive game and not episode, CIU is set 100 years in future
that the evil henpire invaded another galaxy, then the humanity created heroes academy and united hero forces to stop the henpire
If CIU had a story that means it will be the last episode of Chicken Invaders (CI6?) and we won’t play CIU again after finishing it
Your main goal is to fight the chickens (the game is kind of endless and that’s normal for MMO competitive game)
The henpire has a powerful forces with planet sized spacecrafts and machines and have an entire galaxy with factories over the galaxy which means they are almost unstoppable and hardly ever the humans will stop them, they are


how? I don’t play free fire

that doesnt sound like a problem to me, being set in the future just means this game needs way more new items that are never mentioned in the episodes (yes there are a lot, but with 100 years of technological progression i expect more bs), maybe in 50 more versions we will get a new spacecraft family and a new satellite which all of us will love

that’s the entire problem. there is no further story progression and the rest is mindless grinding to level up yourself. the game is entirely worthless to the chicken invaders’ ““universe””, as if it didn’t even happen at all (despite being set in the far future for no disruption to continuity).

maybe the chickens can put you on a watchlist and send exceptionally cool chickens after you and uhf will give you extra stuff to defend against all that, haha sounds really wild am i right

yeah at least other MMO games have a damn storyline and is still very much replayable (source: google search, but i advise you to use duckduckgo)

they have deep asf lore but most gamers are too competitive to bother, i personally havent played it too much because of p2w reasons but yeah they have more story than ciu, perhaps a duckduckgo search would serve you well


We knew it since the beginning. And despite that IA decided it’s good to release the game from Early Access.

I still believe CIU community already suggested everything that is possible to suggest. The only thing now is to wait for IA to add it (which may take a loooooooooong time)

Seriously again? The fact that it’s a spin-off doesn’t mean that it can’t have a story and some goals for single player.

And another one. Where do you people come from?

No, it doesn’t mean that.

I wanted to mention World of Warcraft being a one of biggest and oldest MMOs in the world having a great/nice(depending which expansion) storyline, but it’s not exactly competitive. Still, calling CIU competitive MMO is a big reach.

Well, CIU is a VR training simulator for UHF recruits. They have all the records of old enemies from hero adventures so they can simulate fights with them in any needed number.


how about you back this one up with a source?

I don’t need to as it is my head canon.

Still haven’t heard better theory that would make sense somehow.

Is the description of the anniversary mission good enough for that?


this topic is kind of useless.
Instead of saying please add new things and suggest new things try to suggest a new idea
Saying “please add new endgame equipment” won’t help iA to add new things to the game, please try to think of good idea.

@trueuser ok, you want new things and ideas, i have some ideas that i will share later.

i understand your problem, it’s not only with CIU
when you have a favourite game that you have been playing for years, mastering the game at everything then you don’t know what to do after you did everything so you get bored of it and leave it, and after long time you might return because you missed the game or for other things
Try to explore the galaxy, play multiplayer, try to make some memes and artworks, i know you did everything but try to form new ideas in your head for the game or other things like memes and artworks, beside that the galaxy is huge so try to explore it or have fun in multiplayer
I’m not forcing you to play CIU if you want to leave it, then leave it. If you want to stay and think of new things for the game then stay and think, your idea might be cool even if it’s unbalanced, you can just change some things in it to balance it.

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this topic is a rant lol, i have made a lot of ideas over the years that i have already shared but they were all abandoned

thank you, this is exactly how i feel. however i have 100% galaxy exploration and have made a lot of contribution to the memes and artwork topics, and multiplayer is too chaotic for me

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I would not mind a story based on tier progression cutscenes.


In fact I’d put this as a suggestion, take the game-start cutscene thing and all that and make it something you see more of after certain events or tiers (first shady dealer/wormhole/drone raid, etc) and every 10 tiers up to 99, maybe after getting 3rd place or up on competitions, etc?


you can remaster them, i saw some ideas that are remasters of old ideas, also iA doesn’t have time to add new things, but he might liked some of your ideas but doesn’t have time to add them To CIU, also someone made a list of things liked by iA ( maybe it doesn’t have all ideas liked by iA)

do A harder thing (i don’t know if you did it) finish all missions around the galaxy

ok, when you have something to post, go and post it

Lol, getting lost between other players, some players spams special weapons to cluck up your device, even worse when you have crappy internet like me

You can leave CIU and return at any time you want, have a good day :slight_smile:

i think i have already mastered quite a few

it gets repetitive so no

thats what i always do!