My own opinion about the Planetary Bosses

So we can play again “Cluck of the Dark side” episode right in CIU, with mean including Planetary chapters (and also the boss at those chapters). However i have some opinions about those Planetary bosses. This topic is not only telling you what am i thinking about those bosses, but also suggesting iA about some necessary change for them.

1. King Jellyfish:
A wonderful boss come from the deep at the ocean - a big jellyfish controlled by a chick on its head. I really like how is King Jellyfish so hard at CI5U if we use ‘Superstar Hero’ skill for this mission. However, i need you notice this: The difficult of the CI5U mission is 0%-100%, not 100%-100%. While the boss appears at wave 40/120, that means the really difficulty of the boss is 33,33%(+40%). As you can see, 33,33% with ssh but King Jellyfish at current just like how is it hard in difficult 140%. So have you ever wondered that how King Jellyfish hard if we change the difficult from 33,33%(+40%) to 100%(+40%)? (yes, i know we can’t change it, but iA can. And this is not my suggestion for iA this time, i’ll talk about this later)

My main suggestion about this is: Descrease King Jellyfish to match its difficult.

I also have a question for iA: Do you have any plans to add a new planetary mission? Like… a mission will length 5-20 waves, and that mission is a ocean mission, or a thunderstorm mission,… (idk which name i should call better). If yes, i hope want to see the current King Jellyfish in CI5U once again in Ocean mission after you descrease it.

2. Heart of Darkness:
Mostly players said this boss is very easy to pass. Yes, i can see that too. In my opinion, the main reason that cause the easy boss is the crystal’s health. If we do any simple change, Heart is still easy. So i’ll write for you what should be changed for the ‘heart’ boss (this is mostly like reworking a boss’s skill):

  • Crystal: 'Heart of Darkness" boss use the crystals to attack the player, and also to defend itself. To cause the player get harder to attack the boss, the crystals need to be increased their health as highest as they can. So that in case the player using Damage Amplifier, Player still cannot break the crystals faster, especially is when the boss use one crystal to attack. Beside, the crystals need to be prolonged its time existence. Both Health and Time Existence will be higher depend on the difficult of mission (at the current difficult of CI5U, it’s 50% with no skill, 90% with SSH skill).
  • Pollen: I noticed that the pollens’s speed aren’t changed depending on Skill levels. It also drop 6 pollens in every difficulties. Simple suggestion about this: Increase the pollens’s drop speed, and increase the number of pollens that ‘Heart’ drop. For how many pollens ‘Heart’ will drop, 6 pollens at 50% difficult without any skill is still fine. But when we use SSH skill, i think 8 pollens could be better (50% +40%). In case iA had a plan to add Planetary mission (as i asked above), ‘Heart’ can drop 10 pollens at 100% diffcult with SSH skill.

3. Ice Cubed:
The difficult of “Ice Cubed” boss in CI5U is 66,67% (No skill). With its speed about how it attack and how is it change to other skill faster, which depending on Skill Level, i guess this is enough hard for everyone to fighting the boss. So i won’t have any suggestion about “Ice cubed” boss.

4. The Chicken Coop:
Ah, this is one of the hardest Planetary bosses, beside King Jellyfish. I see that the current speed of The Chicken Coop is suitable with 91,67% difficult, especially is the time you are fighting the boss with SSH. However, i noticed that the boss drop too much item. And while that, collecting the items (Firepowers or Gifts) is very hard because the boss is very fast to use its skill - lots of Chicks/Metal Chickens and the Corn can hit you from behind. After a thinking time, I decided to suggest that the number of the chickens that the coop calling should be descreased. If possible, the number of items should be descreased, too. So that Player can focus more on fighting the boss and dodging the attacks by the Coop.

END. That’s all of my own opinions about all of 4 planetary bosses. You can leave your comment here about how do you feel about those bosses.


You want to remaster them right? It would be cool.

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Not really. Change to match those bosses with their difficult, depend on the difficult of the mission

About new planetary missions:

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Oh! Changing difficult,would be more challenging. (Usually jelly fish is FU*K)

The rocks in the water & snow planet can kill you now, i don’t like this, ik it’s very easy to dodge but still I don’t like it :frowning:

There is no rock at wave 40.

No, there’s 2 ROCKS in wave 40 (i think)…

May i have idea:coop boss will shoot faster and make many corns

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um, the screen is a little bit far away from the rock.

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Maybe im wrong idk, mabad

It already happened. More corn will just tighten your maneuvering space.


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