My opinion on some waves

  1. Highway Chase: A very long wave and quite frankly a bad one. It’s boring, lame and doesn’t really entertain neither the pros not the noobs. I really don’t like it.

  2. Four Lane Merge: I hate this wave nearly as much as Highway Chase if not for it’s slightly more interesting mechanic. Still don’t like it though.

  3. Raise the Curtain: Lots of chickens and relatively short, it’s a fun wave that yields lots of reward. I love this wave a lot

  4. Terminator Chickens: This is a challenging but fun wave that’ll keep you on your toes. I do kinda despise this wave for it’s difficulty but I usually get over it.

  5. Nasty Surprise: I really despise this wave. You have to slowly take out the eggs without hatching an overwhelming amount of Aliens. On Masse these Aliens are dangerous with lasers that have some decent spread.

  6. Chicken Fractals: It’s a good wave with lots of chickens, the unsatisfying part is when a few chicken avoids your opening barrage and the central bomb exploding. I like it somewhat.

  7. Pulsating Grid: A bad wave for people with bad motor skills but for the rest of us, it’s rather fun. Lots of chickens and quite a lot of action as well with a tankload of food that you can collect but be careful not to get too greedy as you could ram into a chicken pretty easily if you’re not careful. Decently risky and high reward, I like this wave a lot.

  8. The Weakest Link: Another wave not suitable for people with bad motor skills. It’s tedious, rather lengthy and rather mundane. Sometimes you run into a ninja chicken and frantically try to kill it but aside from that scare, it’s not anything wonderful. A meh wave IMO

  9. Let The Games Begin: It has a fun mechanic but other than that it’s mundane. One time in the v9-10 days, the spectators were all Chickenauts and it ruined my weekly challenge attempt. I kinda dig it.

  10. Asteroids: Their angle of approach varies and affects how challenging this wave is as does the speed. Highly sloped asteroids are hard and in a somewhat cheap way in that you are screwed unless you use a spread weapon. I really don’t have many good things to say but that doesn’t mean it isn’t satisfying to destroy some space rocks.

  11. Energy Fences: Whilst I love shooting down barriers, this wave is just too long, the thing seems to go on for most of a whole minute. And there are only 4-8 enemies at once. Very unsatisfying.

  12. Rolling Ball of chickens: this wave is quite unsatisfying in low difficulty mode since they’re all chicks. It goes on for a while as well, thankfully in higher difficulties you get to kill a lot of enemies. A mixed bag IMO

This is it for now. If I get enough attention from you guys, I’ll make my verdict on more waves. And keep in mind this is my opinion. Your opinion can vary. Please be respectful in the comments below. And don’t forget to tell your opinions on various waves down below.

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