Suggestion to make "High Speed Chase" less boring

Remind me of that, the delay between the second and third set is much longer than the first and second set. This delay should be reduced.

You mean fourth lane.

Also, @Recruit_75, if you could, please, instead of posting the waves one by one, can you make a list of them in one post, with the reason for thier appearence? It would make my job easier and the topic less messy. Thanks.

It’s actually like this:
First lane: Normal Chickens, chicks.
Second lane: Pilot Chickens
Third lane: Metal chickens
Fourth lane: Spawn Eggs

I did make a post that reviewed waves but it was deleted since there were no comments.

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Ah right, sorry.

Any idea how to reopen a topic?

IA can.

How do I convince them to reopen it?

Since they’re already here, maybe they will consider it.
But even if it is closed, I can still see it. How is it called?

Or could I make a similar post to that?

Well, your opinion could have changed, but I still wanna see your previous one.

Well then here I go.

It’s not “Please nerf and fix”, right? that talks about difficulty.
My opinion on some waves Found it!

Well I made a clone. God my oof counter is getting sky high.

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Alright. After this, I think i’ll make a pool-topic, to rack up opinions, then we’ll see.

If one had skill on mouse control, they can get those without much problems. Chickenauts and UFO’s are a different thing… ofc it’s impossible to kill them all. Also I prefer losing some keys if it gives lower total score than Pecking Order in that wave.

The only rework it needed is to slow down each lane. Halving the duration works too.

I was thinking about a name, and I want to make a joke about WHO, but I can’t find a word with H that would fit. I’m thinking something like: Wave ------- Operation. Any suggestion?

Honing? Aaaaaand we just lost 99% of global players.

hone verb [ T ] (MAKE PERFECT)

to make something perfect or completely suitable for its purpose:


Wave Honing Operation. Yep, sound good. Thanks!

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