My new boss idea #2

I don’t recall swearing at you or Pat. Because I didn’t.

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But you always write a bad reviews on my topics do you think you must write reviews on all topics?

I’m not the only one judging, you know?

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Idk what he saying

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So hard And impossible to beat it

Damn, please!
Stay away from my topic! You are making my topic more worse

How about other people?
Do you have any feel about my boss idea?

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no opinion regarding the second stage, but the first stage is just the matter of whoever dies first, the player or the egg.
10 lasers yolk star is overkill and with the increase in speed, i highly doubt it would be possible to beat without losing lives.

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it’s a death without dimensional-phase outs

Well, iA. How do you think about my idea?
Egg Cannon has a second very interesting boss wave. So what’s problem when Yolk has a second boss wave? It’s a Villian boss, too, right?

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@InterAction_studios i afraid that you forgot my topic here. Can you leave here something to say about this second boss, though i know that we have to wait for a long time (4-6 months or longer after Dr.Beaker was released) to add another new boss

This will be my last replying before this topic will be closed

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Full support with an additional suggestion to have the yolk shoot groups of neutrons/bullets like the MHS does in CI2 finale, on higher difficulties.

Yes, it is possible to dodge the lasers even when they are aligned as in the example image of 10. You have room, the hitboxes of lasers are tiny. And that example is the most spread out possible under the Pigeonhole Principle and there’s still enough room between each. You’re fine, just git gud.

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Do you want this boss to be added in game?

  • Yes
  • No

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I am sure if this one gets added, a lot of shit will happen to get it removed.

Doubt that it will be added anyway.

I wonder whether this is too crazy if I tell you now, but…
Yolk Star is the boss of CI3. And you know, all waves in CI3 have no Zoom out. So i think i can try to “break the rule”, so that means: Maybe my idea boss (The Trouble&Trouble Yolk Star) should have Zoom out a little. Ngl, idk how Yolk will look like when zoom out, or how can iA design Yolk when zoom out

How do you guys think about this?

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You can’t make a zoomout for Yolk star, Main reason the texture of the shell will look very weird and glitched, the main zoomout of it barely matches it.

I told you before:

This is wayyy to overkill. Have you even fought the boss with 7 lasers before? And imagine trying to hit the boss with the 10 lasers.

Did you read my post carefully first?

Yes I did. The lasers actually have a hit-box which can block projectiles fired by your ship and even crash it.

I also think 8 lasers on lower difficulties is probably extremely hard for newer players.