My new boss idea #2

I have thought this idea for a long time (since December 2021), but not until now do I have free time to post my this new boss idea.

So, you all already know that the Egg Cannon has its second wave - “The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonade”. This topic will introduce and describe another villian with its second wave, which is shown in my idea topic. It is: “The Yolk Star!™”

Uhh…. How does Yolk work in my suggest? Let’s take a look at some changes for Yolk:

  1. The Yolk doesn’t call the Terminator Chickens in this wave. Yea, I know everyone hates them and mostly dies because of them. So, the fact that they doesn’t appear in this new Boss wave may be a good new.

  2. So you think not having Terminator Chicken will make this wave more manageable? The answer is NO! Because Yolk itself will increase attack speed and strength which depends on the difficulty of the mission you are flying.

  3. After you destroy its eggship, you have to take the coins and the firepower as fast as possible before it attacks you by the bullet while wobbling around trying to hit you.

NOTE: I name my idea boss “More and more trouble with Yolk Star!” like the name of this topic, which based on the 3 things I listed above. If you have a more interesting and shorter name, suggest in the comment of this topic to let me know, or let iA see it later.

And now, I will describe this new wave in detail for everyone to understand this new boss idea. Let’s start!

a) The main change of Yolk: More laser hands when you crack the eggshell.

So that mean: When you crack the yolk’s eggshell 1 time, Yolk will automatically add 2 lasers hand like this:

When you start to fight Yolk, it will start with a short number of laser hands. Specifically, in the difficulties:

  • 30%-79%: Starting with 2 laser hands
  • 80%-124%: Starting with 3 laser hands
  • 125%-140%: Starting with 4 laser hands

You have already known that Yolk gets crack in 25%/50%/75% HUD. In my idea, Yolk will automatically add 2 lasers hand when the yolk’s shell gets crack. So that mean, in 25%/50%/75% HUD, after Yolk adds 2 new laser hands, it will have:

  • 30%-79%: 4/6/8 laser hands
  • 80%-124%: 5/7/9 laser hands
  • 125%-140%: 6/8/10 laser hands

Ah yes, 10 is the maximum number of hands that Yolk can get. So how is it look like?

I have made this picture for everyone to imagine better:

Besides, I decide to buff the speed of the laser hands. The speed will increase, which depends on the difficulty of the wave. The speed of the laser hands in “The Yolk Star!™” wave is the slowest speed that it can be have. And here, this short video will show you the highest speed of the laser hands that it can be do:

CAUTION: When you crack Yolk’s eggshell, it needs a short time to add new laser hands. At that time, you can’t do any damage to the boss, and the HUD % process will stop at 25,00%, 50,00% or 75,00%. After Yolk finishes adding 2 new laser hands, you can continue to attack the boss.

b) The horror of the Wobble Yolk: Shoot the red bullet !!!

Everything still doesn’t change when you destroy the eggshell – coins and firepowers are still dropped. However, is it too easy if you only have to dodge and attack the Wobble Yolk?? My boss idea is named “More and more trouble with Yolk Star!” so Wobble Yolk phase stands to be the hardest of this wave. Because you have to pick up coins and firepowers as fast as you can before Yolk shoots the red bullet . Yolk will shoot the bullet to the target (our spaceship) and it will start to shoot right after it moves away from the bottom of the screen (or top which depends on the direction of the wave You know that "The Yolk Star™ has 2 attacking directions, right?)). To understand, please watch this:

Wobble Yolk will shoot 1 or 3 red bullets depending on difficulty. It can shoot 3 red bullets in 100+% difficulties. Besides, these bullets will be as fast as the red bullets of Mother Hen-ship CI4 in the same difficulty!

Here is the picture describing the Wobble Yolk shooting 1 bullet:

And… about the Wobble Yolk shooting 3 red bullets, I’ve made a picture of it to show you how the side bullets stretch relative to the middle bullet. I want them to expand to make them easier for you to dodge, not 3 straight bullets like Mother Hen-ship CI4. Take a look below.

How do feel about my idea? Do you like anything new and hard like my idea? Tell me in comment, thanks you!
And thank @Pinkpiter for support me mostly these pictures. This idea makes us a lot of time to did it.


Having from 8 to 10 lasers is very brutal judging by the space we have to kill the yolk. 140% Yolk star is already hell with 7 lasers and terminator chickens. but dodging 8 to 10 lasers? jesus. even without the terminator chickens it’s a death.

that’s also worse with the addition that lasers fires instantly when they are supposedly takes time to fire which helps us to notice and dodge them quickly. but this one is an overkill.

I am fine with the second phase of the yolk, but for the first phase, it’s unhinged. so please think of this.


My idea boss idea sound like someone having a stroke

what were you thinking
this is obviously overkill, the first phase is just guaranteed death, how can people even squeeze through those lasers with terminators
second phase is fine but you probably have to rethink the first phase


First phase = Rage quit.

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without, have you read it carefully?

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lol only BX players see it as a big problem

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Sorry! Fixed. My texture faults


and H&C is not a big problem


I had to try to balance the boss, and sorry, i had lost my way. They just hard in mostly planet mission


Include some noticable and survivable tactics into this boss and make it original more than the default yolk star.

Well, seem like this might be hard with BX players, so i had changed the difficult of the wave about the number of the laser hands when it start the wave. Please read them again!
30%-59% → 30%-79%
60%-99% → 80%-124%
100%-140% → 125%-140%

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Also, about the first phase
The speed of the laser hands will depend on the difficult of the mission. So please read carefully and don’t have wrong mind. Maybe when iA do this boss, that speed maybe lower than the original boss (i guess)


I have an opinion:
Why don’t you zoom out for that wave to 120% in order to make this wave easier?

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This can solve the first phase’s difficulty. but well. I don’t think it would fit with the fact that Yolk star as other villian bosses should have his own default zoom.


I know.
It maybe look like the “Chicken Exponentially” wave, which starts with Henperor’s Chicken (a.k.a Darth Vader’s Chicken) which this boss is zoomed about 130-140% as original, whilst that wave is zoomed about 160-170%.

my bad, its still overkill though


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Nah, we just didn’t like the senseless spam you and Pat made on the forums.

I’m a hardworking grinder in-game and a big helper on the forums, what’s wrong with that?

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