My idea:Additional Quips

Heya! Am I new here to this forum? Well…

I just saw a forum a while ago, so I decided to make a topic today.

Anyway… here’s my idea:

There should be additional hero quips. so here are hero quips that need to be added:

When you encounter The Yolk Star
What?! I can’t dodge like that!
5 cannons?! This is almost canon!
More than 7 cannons?! Hello?!

When you destroy The Yolk Star’s shell
You gotta be chicken me!
And that was- Wait, WHAT?!

When you destroy The Yolk Star’s yolk
Dang it! It was very hard to fight it.

Without Lives
I’m tired of having lives…
Gotta take no damage, no lives!
No lives, no damage for me!

When you encounter Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonade
What kind of variation is THAT?!

What do you guys think?


First welcome to the forum .
Second this idea is good and cool .

I think you mean .

This yolk !!

Dang it ! It was very hard to fight it .

Got it, edited my topic to fix errors.

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chicken me


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