My first post about game idea

Waves: some waves like Tying Shoelaces, Bow Ties Are Cool,… it’s better to add danger zone warning at the side of the screen
Weapon:Absolver Beam change name to Absolver Cannon and when we shot by click left mouse button or press space it’s will shot energy ball, hold to charge will shot energy beam
it’s be more cooler if other weapon can charge too
Coop and friend: we can sent friend request to someone and we can join the level they are playing or play local coop with friend

It, like, just got added and it is balanced, I don’t think people want to see it changed. The other weapons are the ones that need to change.
(And for the name, we already have a cannon - the laser cannon. I think they should all be different.)

I like this idea, actually. The game already notifies us when they start a mission, it would be cool to play the same one.

Please read the FAQ.

I just say about it because in wave Asteroid using that weapon is very hard to get pass it

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