My first impressions and questions


Wait I’m sure normal chickens are 3d or am I wrong? If they are, why aren’t the bosses 3d?


It seems like all possible head rotations are stored as a spritesheet, which explains why the head “stutters” a little bit while moving.


This is correct.

Of course computers could handle it, but it’s just not worth the effort.
The Pilot Chicken alone has 74 frames for head movement. The Super-Chick has 11 frames for when it’s taking damage.

So if you wanted to combine both animations you would need 814 sprites.


That’s why it would’ve been better if they used 3d models, but it’s too late I guess. Maybe in future games…:smile:.


AFAIK the Ultra VGA Engine’s 3D capabilities are mostly used for bending, scaling and rotating sprites. 3D models still pop up from time to time though, most notably for planets in CIU and the environments in CI5.


The amount of 3D polygons necessary to achieve a comparable level of fidelity to 2D sprites would very quickly exceed the limit of smartphones (and even if it didn’t, it would kill their battery life). Remember that there can be over 100 chickens on-screen at any given moment.

@EmeraldPlay: Correct. UVE is optimized for sprites, not 3D models. Although, fun fact: the planets in CIU are 2D. Very deceptive 2D, but 2D nonetheless :wink: IIRC the only pseudo-3D things in the entire series are some CI5 environments, the CI5 logo, and the portals/wormholes.


@InterAction_studios I don’t think the game getting more hard drive needed is really a problem. I think we even don’t have problem with 500MB because the game is boring now with boring bosses. You can give a poll for maximum download size


Well you could leave it as it is for smartphones, and for pc have a nice animations and aesthetics, now it seems like smartphones are preventing you from doing some neat and “nice to see” things in the game. :frowning: .


The true thing is smartphones can take it too. When you see 4GB apps available at google play and running smooth on phones


Hey @InterAction_studios could you answer some questions about the game please?

  1. will the new spaceships arrive at the full release or later?
  2. Will black holes have functionality other then decoration? (Maybe take you to a different galaxy, obviously smaller then the main one)
  3. Will CIU have it’s own full soundtrack? (Not just menu theme)
  4. When will we see new mission types and NPC’s?
  5. Could there be like a quest system?(NPC gives you a quest to get an artifact from a planet for example in exchanfge for keys… and that kind of stuff)


Is the miſſion theme not new?


All mission themes are reused.


But wormholes already have an use, to travel around the galaxy faster.


Huh. I gueſs I’d recogniſe them better had I played ſome non-Chriſtmas edition Chicken Invaders in the paſt.


Really? I never bothered visiting them, but i wish they could just do something more other then teleport you to a different location.


Have you ever ſeen them?


You need to press zoom-in button 5 times to see them as a little oval, I saw 2.


I saw one in the “void” parts but never travelled inside.


YES! I knew it that in the voids will have a wormholes.