My first bug report (not sure of is a bug or a big luck)

I found a bug regarding the Misterious ship

I had 1 life left
Last mission stage
And a Vulcan chailgun as weapon

In a normal situation I would have died but (most likely) I destroyed the boss a frame before the laser damage was recorded.
I explain better: the animation of the attack had started, I was perfectly under (bad timing), I saw the laser…
But the bullets hit the boss exactly at that moment, so I survived (no life lost and mission complete).
I do not know if I’ve had a very big luck or found a bug but I’ll point this out


This reminds me of term in gamedev - coyote time.

I didn’t know that.
Good to know

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I am the only who thinks hat the new misterioys ship is easier than the old one? The reasion of this is because when he shoots the beams, he can turn into the side of my weapon and when i shoot him the beams are not problem. @InterAction_studios Do the metal egg to not move fast after the beams, because you dont need to wait to shoot him and this make it easier.