My fire looks weird

Error or no error?


It seems that this exhaust has two layers (obviously, like any exhaust, because they have 2 colors). @InterAction_studios The inner layer is above the ship, but the outer layer is under the ship, and this must be what Canterlot is reporting.
In case I got this right, then yes, that’s probably not intended.

It’s something like lens flare so it should work like this.

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I’m not sure if what you said is what I am thinking of, so, I will say what I am thinking of to confirm your thinking.

I think that he is reporting the fact that the exhaust looks horizontal in both pictures, while the spacecraft has different possitions. Meaning that the exhaust would have to move with the spacecraft, but that’s not the case, therefore maintaining it’s possition in both images.


Yes. Sorry for the bad explanation - horizontal flame is constant.

The horizontal streaking is meant to be an optical effect (created inside the ‘lens’ of the camera), so it’s always horizontal regardless of spaceship orientation.


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