My feedback about the current state of the game

Hello there chicken hunters, long time not seeing you all, i’ve been playing the game much more frequently than i used to be and i wanted to share my thoughts about the state of the game the most politely possible, thanks.

To start off, i whould like to talk about the weapons, they are the principal thing in the game to get rid of the enemies. Most of them are good, some of them are great, and others are kinda bad, which in my opinion, Moron railgun, Corn shotgun and sadly Absolver beam are those that honestly i think they are hard to use, frustrating in the worst context, or horrible because of their super low damage/bad mechanic.

Absolver beam: The newest weapon added around version 30 - 40 (I don’t remember the date correctly) offered a new mechanic which is “Charged Shot” that we didn’t never saw in CI before. This weapon is very complicated to use in a incredibly number of waves like Centipede just because the enemies move around quite fast through it still has some benefits since a completly charged shot of the weapon can remove toxic gases and enemy projectiles just like missiles or mines, it can deal a massive damage to basic enemies and minibosses like Eggships, Slobs, Chickenauts, etc. But that doesn’t really change how complex its the weapon to use and it still weak against bosses.

Moron Railgun: Not to much to say about this weapon since its the first one that you get when you are just starting the game and the one that you must get rid off the earliest possible to get another better weapon. Damage in this weapon is super low and the max power its limited to 8, through you can use this weapon if you want to make the game more challenging and interesing.

Corn Shotgun: This weapon has an unique mechanic, when the overheat meter is at max, the corn will turn into popcorn which has less damage, higher hitbox and faster firerate, and it can’t overheat. This weapon is ok in low difficulty missions but its not that recommended to pick up in harder or elite missions, specifically in Chicken invasion since most epic waves are there where there normally elite chickens which Corn shotgun can’t handle easily.

I also wanted to bring up Photom Swarm in here just to mention that this weapon is hard to use in Phase 2 and 4 in Hend Game in Elite missions since the photons also focus on the black feathers and makes the weapon more frustrating to use in this boss, the weapon is overall ok but at least in Hend Game it should only chase the Henterprise instead of the feathers.


Most of the bosses are very fun to fight against, some of them are very hard or decent, easy or “Free pointz” (cough “Crab #2” and “UCO #2” cough)

Some bosses are very tough because of the way they move, attack, etc. So here is my personnal list about hardest bosses:

3rd Place: UCO #3

Fastest and most annoying boss in the game, its movement literally have more probabilities to kill you than the attacks and it used to be the hardest in the version 10.1 when the bosses got buffed, but even with nerf that it got, this boss still very hard to deal with in elite missions.

2nd Place: The Yolk-Star™

Ok… Probably a lot of people disagree here but this is just my personnal my opinion, Yolk boi is the toughest villain, but not the hardest boss, i still kinda have some complications completing it at 100% difficulty with skills but the only thing that complicates me more are the Toxic chickens because of their “special” death, through just because i think Yolk Star™ is not the hardest, doesn’t mean that i did never die at it a couple of times.

1st Place: Chicken Exponentiality

Well, im sure that nobody thinks that this is the hardest boss but seriously, this boss becomes way to hard once you kill Chicken Vader and any one of the brothers, the whole boss fight is pure injury since you must be concentrated most of the time to avoid collide with an enemy projectile or crash to assasin chick, or getting shot by those laser gun chicks. Basically everything in the boss flies everywhere messily in everyway possible.

About the new boss which i believe is only Thundercluck, is a very decent boss so far, the attacks are unique and i like the desing of it.


So far, the best spacecraft type is H&C, their hitbox is very small, has key bonus, a good satelite slot and you also get it when you start at the game.

Müllers are “ok” since they have way bigger hitbox, they don’t have key bonus and the worst part is that THEY COST A FORTUNE to buy, they are worthless to buy and yes, they offer more satelite slots but is not like it complety compesate it. At least their price or hitbox should be sighty lower because these are like H&C Spacecrafts but worse in almost everything.

Never got any bomber in the game yet so i don’t have personnal opinion about it.


I believe that there is any difference between a common one with a Legendary/Rare/Uncommon but it feels like its the same one, in this case, i don’t know if anybody has information about the heatsinks with rarity since im interesed to see the difference of them.


Im sorry but league is too bad and boring, this is an “1 vs 1” game and there are some problems about it, first to say, sometimes you need to wait several hours or days until dare expires or the player plays it, second, for losing a dare for 80.000 points against someone who had worse rank than me made me lose 14.72 dare points which is inmense and quite unfair, third, abusers which are very annoying in every context and last but not least, there isn’t ABSOLUTE NO REWARDS for getting in higher places, which makes this even more worthless to play.


Missions, mostly, are enjoyable, there are some crazy and funny waves you can get in some missions, my favorite mission type so far are Boss Rushes, through there are some waves that are barely fair… but aside of that, missions are currently alright.


Pretty much the biggest thing in the game, and as it seems, the newest feature, i like the concept and how was inplemented, basically the same way as the older versions but it still very fun the fact that you can play with anyone while playing missions, it crashed a few times because of the ammout of players and ping but playing like with 2 - 5 people in the game is already good enough.


  • Will ever CHL have more stuff to offer?
  • Is there any difference between common spacecrafts and Uncommon/Rare/Legendary spacecrafts?

I guess you reached the end, cool, through i still need to mention one more thing and here an clarification: i’m not pretending to offend/hurry the development of the game.

I’ve readed 9 different Early Access topics and i observed that most of the change logs are filled with insignificant, small, unnessesary changes and i also saw too that those insignificant changes are the ones that gets more attention. But, meanwhile, there are some ideas, changes that actually are more interesing, very nessesary and gets more likes but those are completely ignored by the developer. The game curently lacks of a lot of content like balances, features and other stuff because (probably) they are more harder to implement while those small changes are more easier to add which is the reason of the game lacking of features. I think what the frecuency of the small changes must decrease and the very nessesary stuff should get more attention instead even if they are hard to implement, im not meaning “ADD THIS AND THIS, WORK WORK WORK, I DONT CARE IF THEY ARE HARD” because i know that coding is a very tough work, besides, i don’t even know so much about programming, but i believe that the hard and interesing stuff must be coinsiderated way more so the game does have more stuff to offer than currently now.

Thanks and cheers.


the one issue that corn has is that it doesn’t have overdrive which effectively makes it worse than most other weapons, but it would be unbalanced if you could still use overdrive when the heat bar is filled up

rarity actually has a huge effect on the effectiveness of the heat sinks. legendary ones tend to be as good, or even better than the common variant of the next heat sink tier.

the only difference is in the hitbox size (radius decreased by 1 pixel per rarity) and movement speed


I can’t talk about everything, so here’s what I thought:


In Chicken Exponentiality and Brothers Reunited, I always kill Special Forces first. The Yolk-Star™ is harder than all other bosses due to the multi-tasking part, dealing with the lasers fully shoot down and terminator chickens following you at the same time is very difficult. With all other bosses though, including Chicken Exponentiality, while there are a lot of bullets on screen, if I kill the Special Forces first then I no longer need to deal with the homing knives and the bombs slowly falling down in a somewhat complex curved direction.

The multi-tasking still applies to Chick Gatling Guns / Laser Guns, but because their projectiles are straight and slow (for Chick Laser Gun, lasers are instant but they have a warning beam, with Yolk-Star™ doesn’t have), I consider avoiding all projectiles is one task and is not nearly as hard as epic waves. The assassin chicks are also dangerous and you also need multi-tasking skills for that, to avoid it try killing chicks as fast as possible. Obviously no one denies that this boss is much harder than Chicken Multiplicity.

I actually think UCO 2 is the hardest UCO because there are a lot of eggs on the screen at once and you can die from bumping to it if you are not careful, while UCO 3 you only have to care about bumping to it, the projectiles are not that hard. The Crab #2 that shoots only laser has been downgraded by iA to appear in lower difficulties than Crab #1.


Due to technical difficulties, “League” is based on a player’s idea, but does not use the direct head-to-head feature (fly at the same time) that the original idea suggested because it cannot be done easily with other features far more important needing to be improved.

You can dare multiple players at once (there is a limit though), just not the same player when the previous dare is still active. Be patient and give them time.

About rewards: Rewards can’t be given because of the temporary status of rankings, and alt accounts (you can dare anyone in the world within your range). In other online games, matchmaking is random and they usually give rewards at the end of each season (whatever it is in their games) in exchange for having your (usually) trophy score reset to a certain amount. In League we don’t have “Leagues” and no seasons so we can’t give rewards now. Although making a Galactic Cup season tied together with a League season for rewards can also be a good idea.

Winning and losing dare points have a lot of rules to make it balanced (most of them suggested by players), check in-game and previous updates change logs.


Chicken Hunter License is not really done yet (iA shouldn’t have made it available in Early Access in the first place, although it is possible that the reason is in-app purchases must be finished before submitting to Steam in version 77). Some of my (not original) suggestions are:

  • (1) Give 100 keys daily to players permanently instead of 20
  • (2) Because keys no longer award any points (no pay-to-win here), put a “Certified hunter” key bonus of +30%.
  • (3) Special missions: Currently the only type of special mission is Anniversary (no, Ironman does not count). CI4 has all of its contents remastered, it would be a good idea to add it as an extra limited-edition mission in CIU, with the CHL requirement (because it would be pointless to buy CI4 otherwise).

Usually, the changes that you see insignificant are very important quality-of-life changes (except some changes are marked “internal changes” which we don’t understand about). The only thing the shop says is “This particular item has better performance due to its rarity” which is not enough. A small change to the shop descriptions would be very helpful to new players.


UCO 2 is the one that moves weirdly since everytime it shots their arms expand, so its more hard to avoid the bullets if you are slowly moving your spacecraft to left/right to avoid the eggs.

I don’t know if you tried before but i recommend to stay closer to the uco or just avoid the first attack by going to one of the laterals of the screen and then get close to the uco since its arms expands every time it shots and it won’t be able to get you

(Managed to find a relevant video)

Yeah, before i created the feedback i was about to mention how long and boring Anniversary Mission is and i was saying that it should have rewards, but i thought about it some time more and i decided to discard this because of the temporal rankings, like you mentioned about League.

I know, i don’t even have any problem with these changes, i just think that those are way more frequent than usual and there should be a little of everything from both. (Excluding Bug fixes and server-side tweaks [aka. Internal changes] which are fundamental for the current phase of the game)

(Also, thanks for the helpful information of the spacecrafts!)

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UCO2 is less threatening than it looks imo. Its pattern is easy to exploit thanks to it having no instant laser and it’s as easy to manipulate its bullets as any other UCO really

am I the only one who like to use them

Not just you.

Yeah this weapon does need to be tweaked quite a bit so as not to be so situational.
On one hand, it’s great for waves like Dazzling Coordination, Squawk Block, Honeycomb Conjecture, etc where multiple enemies are in the players line of fire, but it’s meh against bosses and even worse against fast enemies in waves like High-Speed Chase, Sweeping swoop, etc cause of it’s slow and weak uncharged firerate.

Overdrive could be a way to fix the insufficient DPS and meh firerate but overdrive should be disabled once it overheats and fires popcorn. Another fix corn needs is it’s bullet spread which creates gaps that chickens don’t take damage in, making it an unreliable weapon for multikills, since people think a uniform bullet spread would be too boring, I settled for the compromise of having 3 bullets have a fixed spread at the middle with other bullets being RNG.

As for the Photon Swarm problem, trying to move forward as you fire (use overdrive for this) and creating a lot of bullets all bunched up together could be a way to counter the feathers.

This guy’s rather challenging and ram happy, bombers really need some speed buffs in order to avoid rams from bosses.

It’s hard, but the absurdly challenging part comes when you have the V29 chicken breeds, a guaranteed attack is really hard to dodge in such a confined space, toxic chickens are even more cancerous as their area denial can really screw you over with no way of crossing the toxic cloud with bombers and challenging even for normal speed fighters. And don’t even get me started on slobs and their 12 bullet ring O death, it’s basically impossible to dodge such an attack with most ships if you’re in the same row as the slob.

Yeah, they need more advantages compared to H&C’s in order to justify the price and bigger hitboxes. Some people considered removing Max (:zap:20) power for H&C’s so that only Mullers and BX’s have them, but IMO the only weapon where it would justify such a massive increase in price would be Lightning Fryer.

There are several topics that discuss spacecraft rebalancing with this one being one of the best: About the current state of spacecraft in the game

Can’t say anything other than I agree 100%. League really needs a rework after multiplayer is refined cause it’s has no rewards other than league points which give no benefit. Reworking it will need its own topic however.

The game and dare I say a small portion of the community have a hard time deciphering fair from challenging. Most waves are fine, and I see the novelty of having harder epic waves, but honestly, I feel like epic waves need change as well.

Overall, very good points and I do wish iA made more changes based on detailed opinions like these.


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