Mouse Sensitivity

when i move my ship slightly it goes really fast and my sensitivty is below medium, is it possible to enhance mouse movement on next update?

Go to Options, then Controls, then Mouse, then turn off capture mouse. It helped me and i am able to move my ship well.

it didnt, i did that before i post the topic

Try reducing the speed:

these doesnt affect any programs
such as:
call of duty

its only fast on desktop usage.

Hm i guess the developer wont see this topic as he does to all others.

Please, don’t false-assume stuff… You just didn’t give enough time for it and the others for the developer to see it.

he did ignore reskins, a lot people agreed and voted for reskins and i said he skipped it, even you agreed on discord

He said it won’t be done during early access. When the end of early access comes, he will accept it, just wait. give it sometime.

im sure he said that just to stall us and let us all including him to forget about it

and even i had a topic posted like 2 months ago and a few people liked it and the developer didnt even see it

I don’t think so. He can’t stall us all.

Maybe because he isn’t active all time? He also has personal life, you know. Not only developing the game all time. He can’t be active 24/7.

he manages a game and he dont manage it all time? and he doesnt even have his own employees for it meaning he forgets it, and still im sure he is gonna skip some epic ideas and add the dumbest ones

As i said, he also has a personal life.

Yes, he’s a single person working on the game.


Dude, not really. He has liked some ideas and is gonna add them later. You can even check this topic: Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios

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could you at least stop commenting on my topics and please let someone else talk instead of you?

Idk, reduce the sensitivity in the game options?

i tried tho and i made it below quarter, its unstable and fast when i move 1 pixel

This is nonsense and it’s not like ia is to going add every single stuff into ciu
Edit: I can’t be bothered into fighting


but it did sometimes skip some of our ideas, and also this kid always the first to be commenting on my topics

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Have some sense of patience and you’ll see.

I’m not kid.

And also, I don’t comment, I try to help as best as possible.