Mouse delay

Good day community.
Recently I was playing CIU and I have noticed that there is a delay of a mouse when I move it or fire.
I don’t love it because delay is around 80-100 ms and I can’t control my ship and I always die.
Although, I don’t have delay when I am not using the game, on other games and programs I don’t have mouse delay.
So I think this may be, or game bug, or system problem, I’m not sure.
If you guys have any solution, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

I also reported it here

May I ask, how did you made your theme to look different?

He mod CIU

Oh okay, nice.

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Are you using fullscreen mode with Vsync ON? Try turning it OFF and let me know if that solves the problem.


I play on borderless mode, with VSync off.

Okay, so here is a solution.
If you are playing borderless / fullscreen mode, and if you have control delay, just switch to window mode.
I don’t have delay anymore, thank you @InterAction_studios for the idea.

I don’t understand why borderless would behave differently than windowed – they’re effectively the same thing.

Can you temporarily switch back to borderless, but this time also set your “max FPS” (in the game’s Options -> Graphics -> Advanced menu) to 60. Does that solve the problem?


Done, but there is still a delay.

Hm. And windowed solves that? It wasn’t just a one-time fluke?

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I don’t understand what you guys said.
But yeah, borderless is similar to fullscreen, so they both have a delay.

I didn’t actually care about this but I remember that every update I used to switch from borderless to full screen because full screen and V-Sync turned off give me no delay together while borderless had delay regardless of V-Sync option. Will recheck tomorrow.

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Ok multipost to bump this because I got something interesting:
My GPU is AMD which means it has ReLive, and ReLive has a terrible bug which sometimes makes any fullscreen game go 15 fps without any reason. So, the thing is that I recently got this bug in borderless mode which means borderless works just like fullscreen…? In other games borderless fixed that bug.

Also it allows me to record when I have “record desktop” option off (without it I can only record fullscreen non-opengl apps).

On the other hand it sometimes allows me to record it in desktop mode which is super strange and I have no idea how it works.

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@InterAction_studios Thank you for new update guys, there is no control delay on borderless mode. Thank you so much for bringing new things in CIU and our lives.
*Also sorry for the ping.

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