[Bug] broken control reaction

In Video Form (notice my movement):

In Text Form:

I somehow egg the game and now this happened. All control movements, including keyboard has a delay before it take effect. Yeah.


This could be an issue with your system pre-rendering a lot of frames. Are you running windowed, borderless, or fullscreen?

In any case, I’ve forced Vsync on in windowed and borderless, which should solve your problem (if that’s the cause). Check it again in v.60 and let me know.

Fixed in v.60 :medal_sports: Bug

Actually, I’ve reverted this changed, because it seems to lag for me. No solution yet.


Update: You’re probably in fullscreen mode with Vsync ON, correct? Try turning it OFF.


I uhhh, used borderless

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Vsync can’t be turn off while you used Borderless mode

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Good to know. Ok, then temporarily lower your “max FPS” settting to 60. Does that help?


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