Mother Hen Ship Rework

We all know the CI2 final boss right? and in CI3 it appeared again with the purple bolts, I also saw how there are a ton of reworks going on in CIU with new bosses. So i thought of the CI3 Boss but with a second phase, that being the Metal Egg that shoots directly at you.

I was thinking that it starts off like the normal CI3 Hen ship but when it gets to a certain point it breaks off the shell to reveal under its that metal egg and plays like the CI2 fight. obviously it would have a different wave name but it was something i was thinking about earlier.
(also spent a bit too long on the mockups)


Good idea. That’s what i was thinking of.
It is really nice to see that.

I totally agree that this fight needs a rework, posted a topic about it not to long ago:

Obviously I am partial to my own idea, but this is actually really cool as well. Maybe not the exact same artwork as Mysterious Ship, because that could get confusing, but I like the concept a lot.

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This has been suggested a lot, but yeah it needs a rework

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