Mother Hen Ship - Hybrid Fight

So I’m probably the only one who’s bothered by this currently, but:

In CI2, there was a Mother-Hen ship. no I’m not bothered by that bit keep reading

Both CI3 and CI…5? (I forget which one, lol) had a callback to this boss updated for the current engine. Neither were as hard as the original, but were fun Easter Eggs (I’m not sorry for that pun).

But in CIU, both callbacks were added, and now the depiction of the Mother-Hen ship is inconsistent. One version is waaay bigger than the other and has a completely different fight.

I propose a merge.

(Because obviously merging two bosses is programatically a super easy thing to do that’s not at all time consuming, shush)

Here’s how my proposed merge would work:

  • Could have either name (doesn’t matter which, as long as it’s consistent).
  • Begins with the “Blast from the Past” moveset - progressively increasing bullet count and moving around slowly.
  • After this, moves to a second phase (think Yolk-Star™) where the shell (that’s already been damaged in phase one! see i thought this out) starts to crack away and reveal the yolk, just like in the “Mother-Hen Ship” adaption. It would also start to rotate and fire the red triplet of lasers just like the current version.
  • Here’s the kicker - In phase two (perhaps only on higher difficulties?) it would still retain the purple blossom attack from phase one. Ideally this would start spawning from the yolk instead of the egg center when the phase shifts.
  • I do not yet know which orientation and zoom level to go with, but it would remain stable during the entire fight. No weird mid-fight change or anything like that. I’d lean towards the CI3 version myself because it’s harder and more accurate to the original version, meaning in the second phase the egg would be smaller (not sure about yolk size) and be oriented vertically, rather than horizontally as that phase currently is. I think the other orientation could work, but would prefer the first unless for some reason it’s way less technically feasible.

The Benefits:

  • More difficulty added to both fights! The second phase is definitely in need of it.
  • More accuracy to the original game! (ok it’s not the original it’s the sequel but it was still pretty original)
  • Less weird inconsistency where two interpretations of the ship exist simultaneously!
  • Could allow for possible future adaption into the CI2 variant as well for a new Yolk-Star™ tier boss, rather than adding that as a third variant like I read was planned somewhere. We don’t need three versions of the same boss!!! space crab notwithstanding
  • It’s a win-win-win! Only downside is that it would be proper awful to code, I imagine.

And before some bright spark comes along and says:

I still feel like this idea has never really been fleshed out properly and only really tossed around as a theoretical. And if you’ve suggested it before feel free to link and claim the :medal_sports: - I don’t want it anyway, as I’ve said before. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think from a gameplay and lore perspective (we all know what serious and deep lore CI has) this would be really cool and logical change, even if it’s perhaps a wee bit on the unneccesary side.

Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Have a better idea? Comment!!!


So much so we’ve only seen two(three,if you squint) friendly characters in a game that has massive G-Wave propulsor shaped like a fan to move a few feathers out of the way of the sun.(yeah,its a literal fan according to canon but someone has to put the restless spirits of Albert Einstein and Newton to rest.)

Oh and merging is a good idea.


That Mother hen ship appears in ci4
It was a good concept until…

I don’t want to repeat myself over “This is chicken invaders, not a bullet hell”

Istead I suggest that phase 2 should work like ci4 (like you stated) and use the hooming shots from ci2’s phase 2 too


Yeah, I agree, but the two hardest fights that have ever been in CI are the original Mother-Hen ship and the Yolk-Star™ (unless you count basically any of the absurdly OP stuff over in the Epic Waves topic, lol). And I don’t see these changes making the Mother Hen ship any harder than the current Yolk-Star™, only putting it on par where it belongs.

If we were talking about a less significant boss coughMysteriousShipcough then I would totally agree with you. But I feel like this one has the right to be a bit more challenging (at least than it currently is)

I think a fair system would be to have the purple blossom drop out in the second phase on low-to-mid range difficulties (and I’ve updated the original post with that idea). But if people still feel that’s too easy/hard there’s room to move with it - again, would ultimately be nice to see CI2 content get added to it, but I think we should merge the current bosses in a working way first rather than add yet another one and try to do it then.

Yeah that bit was my attempt at some humor, lol


I would love seeing this first boss hybrid in the game because both Mother Hen Ship from CI3 and CI4 is too easy right now

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I have different idea. These two should be separated because, y’know, their size.

But I have a rework for both.

For the CI3 “blast from the past”, it’s more similar to CI2 original mother hen ship (for its size and its simplified attack) so, If you encounter it at >100% you will get its “full version” hence it will do “chicken call” and barrage attack at the end. So >100% “Blast from the past” will be classified as major boss.

While CI4 mother hen ship could get buff by adding more projectile up to 13 and spread shot and a slight zoom in.

I can’t disagree, only agree.
Mother hen ship is still a former final boss and deserve to be a challenge.
Still… In my opinion blast from the past (100% difficulty) is already almost as insane as yolk star so I don’t want the bullet hell phase last too long: noobs like me can’t handle that kind of pressure for too much!

While I think that attack patterns exclusive for harder difficulties is a way to go, in my opinion the chicken call could be implemented in all difficulties (Harder the mission equals more chicken calls and more chickens in aid)

Well… actually it would be a good thing if it becomes harder in harder missions, in first place


Egg cannon cannon cannon


I’d rather prefer adding CI2 Death Egg as a separate boss.

As of merging the bosses. I’m not yet convinced for that.


I just don’t see the point of having three separate bosses that are just different updates of the same fight, myself…


Their point is that they gatekeep easy/hard boss fights to new/hardcore players.

Still… some uco battles (And even the yolk star) limit their pattern on easyer missions.

Also it was cool to see mr.UCO and mr.Crab change their weaponary in order to (try to) win.

Probably Henterprise is the biggest show of this.
I mean, It looks the same every battle but every time it uses a new trick and the old ones are made better


Yeah but atm the Mother-Hen ship is totally different in its CI3 and CI4 versions.


Yes, in CI2 The Mother-Hen ship was the final boss


That’s true, though I was talking more about the fact that it feels like you’re fighting a completely different ship that happens to also be shaped like an egg, rather than, say, the Henterprise fight where it’s quite clearly the same thing you’re shooting at.

If the Mother-Hen fights were even made to more accurately resemble one another I would probably be content.


Henterprise seriously needs a buff,example: Bigger fireballs, v10.1 speed but slower, more lasers, more attacks


Off-topic, but apart from Hen Solo, what friendly characters did the hero encounter in earlier installments? Madam Madamme? And is the other one the narrator?


I did say “if you squint”.


Well, yeah, but I just wanted to know if these were the ones you were referring to. I guess they are, so thanks.


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