Mother hen ship remake

I see there are 4 mother hen ships in game CI2,CI3,mysterious ship,CI4
My idea is to remake Mother hen ship in CIU
First phase

Second phase

Third phase

Just like CI2 But that doesn’t mean deleting Mother Hen Ships in Boss rush they will stay as they are with adding mother hen ship CI2 battle
something look like egg canon canon canon canon canode


first and second phase mother hen ship will stay conistant in third phase mother hen ship will move
every time it craks chickens come

Really who missed old mother hen ship?

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I think that’s a perfect idea.

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that was idea. boss music called from “CIU Boss Music 2” i think!

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idk I only want old mother hen ship

what do you guys think about my idea?

better use metallic mother hen ship instead of mysterious ship
Yes i want older mother hen ship to be copy-paste from ci2 to ciu (i mean The phases and attacks)

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Must this idea be added when CI2U releases

It will, but only in Ci2U

Another thing the idea and the CI2 music must be added in CI2U idk if IA will make CI2U

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