More chats from our spacecraft!

Is about give some more chat for our hero!Just like when the Corn shotgun reworked,when it over heat it can should popcorn,our hero should say:Do anyone want some popcorn?or: I can kill these chickens while i’m eating these popcorn!,…
When we eat food upon 20 foods/second our hero should say:Yum! or: This is just like a party when i was young! or even: I will sale these when i have arrive Space Burger!,…
More chat will be soon(Dev add not me:3)


IMO these hero quips are good :wink:


There’s actually a topic for sharing your quip ideas, although I’d hurry if you want to post in it because it will automatically lock in <24hrs.
(If that happens you can message InterAction Studios to have it unlocked)

There was another topic before this one that was also for quip ideas, but that one has already locked.


I could try to get that topic opened if you want.

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