Some MORE Quip Ideas

When you continue a missino where you left it off (end session then connect)

  1. Alright. Let’s continue.
  2. The party is not over!
  3. Continuing to make my breakfast…

When supernova starts:

  1. I thought suns don’t explode here?
  2. Poor sun
  3. Recruit #1424 here. There are several supernova derbrises.

Comet chase starts:

  1. Are we chasing comets or comets are chasing us?
  2. Why those pinky things are under our legs?
  3. The boss is Henlley’s Comet! Oops, did I spoil you?

Meteor Storm:

  1. Objects Approaching: A lot of meteors.
  2. The meteors aren’t friendly, they can hurt you.
  3. Smhh, meteors are falling!

When you idle:

  1. :musical_note: Never gonna give you up :musical_note:

Links actually put a post on front hmm…

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