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I’ve just published an IAMT v3.6.5 update so please update if you did not update, especially if you are going to mess around the android version (do not, for now it still requires manual changes). Everything’s in IAMI discord server. Thanks.

.???x files are now accepted by the filter in open file dialogue, table update is now 20 seconds instead of several hours (and seems to be more reliable), extracting files from mobile .dat files is fixed (repacking android version doesn’t modify uncompressed sizes correctly, I’m not doing it until I completely rewrite the whole IAMT. You can still edit it manually with HxD if you are sure).

IAMI update will be done soon, too. Don’t worry.

Oh and both tables have been updated. No longer “NO_NAME” folder in v121.

Very special very thanks to iA for the help with this all.


Raiden’s Catalogue

A mod archive by ScarletCuboids

List of mods/mod packs made with IAMT, uses IAMI to install. Mods are mostly made for CIU. Episode mods will be made when we want to make. Host via Google Drive.

The Catalogue also includes mods that are unreleased, cuisine packs, etc. Catalogue will also add more mods overtime.

Open Catalogue: [Raiden’s Catalogue]

You can find out this show at Wikipedia
(sorry because this reply maybe off-topic):

Me when new genshin invasion update


Never thought I would do this, but…

/wai/ mod

This is /wai/ mod, also known as just “random” in past times, which replaces a TON of sound effects that have them edited, combined with other game sound effects, or just plain randomity.

The mod contains 123 (and more in the future) not-so-unique sound effects and 33 music files, some of which contain sensory overload, like the assassin chick sound effect (which lasts for 33 seconds). Some of the sound effects are carried from my older private mods like Bloons and Heavy Weapon.

Google Drive link ) - /wai/ - Google Drive


Who even think that Henpire are trying to evade Cyberpunk? Well, prepare for it :wink:
This mod has some sound effect and entire new Cyber music theme. And no texture, sorry, ust because I don’t want to waste other times to make a stupid collaborate mod with me :expressionless:
Mediafire Link: Cybernetic


now this is gold


Tables have been updated. Also space burger/academy party music is back to the list again, so you can use your old space burger mods.

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Hey fellow Chicken Invaders butcherers. This is a fix for 222x not displaying without “All Files”. Initially I wanted to make a lot of improvements but I figured out that if I go for everything I’ll never release it because I’m slow as hell.

Hello everyone, I’m new here, that’s why I apologize from now on if I make any mistakes :))).

I would like to know if there is any possibility (Mod, from what I have seen, they are used here) to be able to listen again during the missions to the soundtrack of the “Party 2002” edition? :slightly_frowning_face: I would really like to be able to hear them again in this game. :smiley:

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@BogdanB From the changelog:

“Removed “2002 party” mode. The visual filtering can still be accessed via the -2002mode command-line parameter.”

You can do it from the properties of the shortcut on your desktop.

The reply clearly mentions music which does not exist any more.

@BogdanB (Made by @OneWingLunarian). It is a bit outdated because it was based on the first version where 2002 was introduced I think, but it should work.


@Costa Anyway, thank you very much for the answer🤗


I am mainly interested in the soundtrack, not necessarily the visual effect

@VerMishelb Thank you verry much! Worked! :slightly_smiling_face:

where is the game folder?

The default location is C:\Program files (x86)\Chicken Invaders Universe.

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how do i downlaod mod is confusing

my mod is rainbow weapon mod

You mean: install the mod into the game?