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Ahaaaaaaaa now thats more helpful! Ty :slight_smile:


how can i create font.ttf mod in CIU?

For now the restricted iamt cannot edit the fonts, so you’d have to ask someone with a normal one to make a mod for you.

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bring back 2002 music
so i bring to you this mod (only music)


8th Update!
Click here!

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Download link:
Chicken Invaders: Star Rail - Google Drive

Change logs
  • Added the change logs
  • Remade CI2 music mod and sfx-1 mod
  • Removed CI2+Anniversary music mod
  • Added 3 funny sound mods
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IAMI has just been updated to There is now a way to set the path to the wad file with IAMI.exe -wad "G:\ChickenInvadersUniverse\CIU.dat.222x.standard" "MyMod.CIUMod" command line argument. That’s for those who have OleInitialise error (as it turns out, can be encountered when using Wine). On other notes, it now also prints out the path it tries to look into when searching the CIU.iami file.


What tracker music files would fit with “CI2 Music 1” and “CI2 Victory Music”?

Proposed tracker music:

The Mod Archive v4.0b - A distinctive collection of modules - aaa-auto.xm - aaa-auto.xm (XM) - CI2 Victory Music

:: :: XTD - ## Space Travel ## - CI2 Music 1

For the CI2 Victory Jingle: level_completed_edit.ogg - Google Drive

Also, 2002 music mod lacks this music:

It’s gone for a long while.

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No worries, it was my idea to include the darkness mission into the 2002 party event


i have got an alternative mod ill send it to you
also that included darkness

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Good evening everyone and happy holidays, I’m back with a small question, is there any MOD, which will introduce the songs from other Inter Action games, such as Piggly, Island Wars, Loco, SmileyVille, etc… both the standard and Christmas versions?

Mods like these fall under the “don’t share the game files” rule so you can only do this if you have the games yourself. IAMT and IAMI both work just fine with Piggly, Island Wars, Loco and Smileyville, that’s for sure, so getting the files should not be a problem.

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I understand, thank you very much for the answer

How do i mod ciu on android

I’ve reuploaded because there was a debug output leftover. Redownload it if you want. The only difference is that it doesn’t spam these:
Thanks to Windows®XP for pointing that out.


That’s the neat part you can’t

And i believe it wouldn’t be recommendable either :grimacing:


You can, actually, but:
a. I never expected it to work;
b. it doesn’t work well (or sometimes at all) with textures;
c. I never intended it to work on mobile phones, so the risk of it breaking is multiplied by ten.
People seem to be doing it with exagear but I know almost nothing about that.