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So are you guy going to put the game into phones during early access or are you going to wait until the game is done ? I really hope this game gets constant updates also would the game be free or be with money ? And for the love of god don’t add microtransactions. the fun of your games is in humor ,fun and the hard work and if you add them the game will lose its fun and only people who pay will get the best items (and that achievement which requires you to get 10000 keys or something will be useless)

When the game its finished

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The game its going to cost €5.5 i think

It will be free, but with premium available to buy. For 5$

Right now the are keys (Which were introduced in CI4) are used as currency to buy items and you will be able to buy the keys for the real money so microtransactions will be present.

What is the difference between the free and the premium?

  1. Current CHL benefits:
    a) Cross-platorm account saves.
    b) Special mark in galaxy.
    c) Account will not ever be deleted due to inactivity.
    d) Preferential callsign selection (priority over free tier; callsign is “owned” and cannot be taken by another player).
    e) Removes ads (from all platforms that have them).
    f) Looking at other added-value benefits (e.g. exclusive missions).
    Chicken Hunter License questions - #3 by InterAction_studios

I remember it was 4.5€.

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Somehow, both of these questions were answered in pinned F.A.Q topic nobody checks for the answers. Why?

@samuelronban It was 5$. The F.A.Q says 4.5€ because of text formatting which I can’t fix.


The game itself will be free, but there will be something in the game (the chicken hunter license) which will allow transporting data over to other accounts/devices, and it’ll cost €5/$4

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That one is interesting, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I don’t feel so good about it because it kind of suggests that someone can take a callsign of another person and I’m not planning to buy CHL so it could happen to me.

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I feel like it almost encourages stealing callsigns tbh. If you’re a notable user in-game/on the forum and don’t have CHL, someone can basically just replace your name if I’m not mistaken.

And it could happen numerous times, too.

I am not at all against the idea of having a bunch of benefits for premium - I actually think that CIU has a really good model here and will (probably?) buy a CHL myself - but you should always be rewarding the people who purchase rather than punishing the ones who don’t.


Close enough

May be download the normal file then change from “file” to “apk” then install?
Work or not?

why would that ever work
changing file extensions doesnt do anything besides corruption
the game is programmed for pc


Like you can’t change .ogg to .mp4


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