Chicken Hunter License questions

I have some questions about Chicken Hunter License.

So as we know CIU will be multi platform game. And there will be a free and paid version. Now few questions.

  1. Let’s say that someone buys the License by in-app purchase in android version. Will that person be able to get the Steam version for free or does he need to buy it again?
  2. Will CHL only offer cloud save? I kind of like the concept of playing on the-go, but I don’t feel like buying CHL just for that is good. (yeah, you also get the medal and ability to get your callsign, but that’s just visual stuff).
  3. Will buying CHL from have any advantages over other stores? (

They don’t have to share a cut of the money with platform holders, and you recieve keys to all versions (Maybe answer to question 1?) (Atleast Steam). I’d like to support IA so I will buy it off their website, as it will be the same either way.

  1. The intention is that the CHL will only be purchasable once, and will apply to all platforms. However, there are some considerations here (for example, $5 for desktops is a reasonable amount, but $5 for smartphones might be excessive). No final solution yet.

  2. Current CHL benefits:

  • Cross-platorm account saves.
  • Special mark in galaxy.
  • Account will not ever be deleted due to inactivity.
  • Preferential callsign selection (priority over free tier; callsign is “owned” and cannot be taken by another player).
  • Removes ads (from all platforms that have them).
  • Looking at other added-value benefits (e.g. exclusive missions).
  1. For the player, it doesn’t really matter where you buy it from. For the developer (me), what @Davoid said.

Sorry if I sound rude, but no matter what you do, please do not ever add a traditional “buying in-game currencies” system like the other games, for example:

  • USD$0.99 = 50 keys to USD$99.99 = 10000 keys (+100% more!)
  • Double keys on all missions for USD$9.99!
  • Buy a new spacecraft that has all 30 mission slots filled in for USD$4.99!

With the presence of the amassing 100,000 keys medal, this mechanic will ruin the game.

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I’m actually okay with some “premium missions”, but these missions should not have an important role in-game (e.g. please don’t offer exclusive medals that are f2p unobtainable).


Yeah, me too. I kinda badly expressed myself.

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Well, sorry to disappoint you, but keys will be available to buy. We don’t know right now what else will be available to buy or how much keys will costs.

The game’s currency is “keys” (as encountered in previous Chicken Invaders episodes). You can earn keys during the normal course of gameplay, or (optionally) be also able to purchase them. We do not know the cost of keys at this stage; it will be decided after balancing is finished.
Plan Update #01

If the balance stays like this, the its okay. Its easy to earn lots of keys without spending.

Purchasing keys is not mandatory, its a mere shortcut to buy stuff, so I don’t see anything wrong with that.


I do know this before, I’m just hoping they change their mind because medals, including “amassing 100,000 keys” are public information shown to everyone, so you should work by yourself if you want to earn this difficult medal.

Alternatively, don’t count keys purchased by real money for this medal.

So do I. Also, I want to add that iA is a one man company. Konstantinos did a lot of hard work to make his games run. Coding, graphics, etc. etc.
Buying keys in game is like a dotation for iA. We can support the creator and we get a keys for supporting him.


Either that or just remove the medal itself, since it’s a stupid medal.
Even so, if THAT is the only reason to ask for no key purchasing, that means that there’s not any harm on selling them anyway.

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Or just code in the medal to count only legitimately obtained keys.


We don’t know how keys will be priced.

Yeah, shortcut to buy things that make you stronger.

Yes, I don’t know what it changes, but yes.

It’s not a difficult medal. It’s an absurd medal. It requires grinding or paying for keys to earn it.

Then why should anyone buy them?

It’s not so rare in gamedev industry.

It’s also not so rare in gamedev industry.

I wouldn’t mind the CIU being a donation tool for IA, but the keys are tied to things that change the gameplay and your stats (even though not every stat right now works). If the microtransactions were only available for things that are cosmetic it would be much better.


Again, why should anyone buy them if the bought keys are worse than “normally obtained”?

Obtained keys, not bought from store.

Well you are still OBTAINING them from the store.

They must differ somehow, like integer which describes amount of bought keys. When you buy something, bought keys amount decreases first, then obtained one. Displayed amount is Obtained + Bought. This theoretically can work.

Why? Why should anyone buy them if they are worse type? Remember that they are meant to attract customers not make them regret purchasing it.

No. The only way this could work is to make another currency, but even then it creates more problems such as - a currency that is obtained only by paying for it. And also it doesn’t make sense because you would need to have items that you can only obtain in this currency and you couldn’t earn it by playing the game.

They are the same type, you just can’t get medal for them. Medals show what you achieved by yourself.

Another currency goes to a lot of balancing.

What about you can, but it’s way harder than keys? Like Top-3 reward or one of the rewards in different competitions.

So they aren’t the same type if they behave differently.

Oh, so this way in the future we can have people writing that “only X obtained by earning them and not buying them should count”.