Mission Type/Handicap: Tight Schedule

You can pretty much take your time on every single wave in missions, but I feel like there should be a mission type that encourages you to rush a little.

Basically in Tight Schedule, you’ll have a set amount of time to finish a certain wave. Fail to do so, and the next wave will start, which will make it get increasingly chaotic. However, if you do manage to complete the wave in time, you’ll get a time bonus. For example, 1000 points per second remaining.

Use a powerup, and it gets reduced to 200/500. I said this because some waves can get too ridiculous, especially when there’s an Eggship spam. At least this means that you’ll be rewarded for trying your best, although sometimes your best won’t be good enough.

I am aware that some waves are pretty slow, which would defeat the purpose of being fast, but this is just an idea, okay?

I know this might seem a little mundane and pointless, but I just feel like a fast-paced mission would be nice. What do you think?

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I mentioned that similarily as a mission type: Random thoughts for Missions

Also sounds very similar to what I suggested a long time ago (though it’s kind of old,and it was rather simple). Click here to see it.
And which power-ups exactly would decrease your score? Superweapons? Satellites? Perishables?

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Perishables and Superweapons obviously. Satellites can’t do too much to begin with.

What you said about satellites isn’t true,at all. Now yes,1 satellite on its own can’t do much,but what if I decide to use 4 at once?

Well, Satellites are fine either way. Besides, here’s the better question. Are you even able to use 4 satellites for all the waves in the same mission? Without running out of ammo?

If so, then maybe it’s too good. Otherwise, it’s not too useful, but enough to speed up a couple of waves.

Sure, you could use a shot/short burst for each wave, but that’s not going to get you very far, is it?

That’s also true. Especially for 40-waves long missions.

If you can use the satellites infinitely, okay, it’s too powerful. If it’s limited, then it’s useful to some extent.

Superweapons and Perishables on the other hand, can potentially end the current wave within a second, therefore, the smaller time bonus. If not, absolutely no time bonus whatsoever.