Mission Ideas from CI5

Mission types.

Here a thing, we already have the Comet chase, Astroid missions from CI3. And we have Retro invaders, Droid missions and Supernova missions from CI4. What about CI5. I suggest adding water based missions (i mean we do have a watertight ship), Atmospheric entry missions, Cold planet mission (we do have hot planets, why not. it could even bring about a new equipment) and a crystal cave mission. We could do this by adding planets compatible for the mission such as Water type, Cold type, Hollow type planets. And for the atmospheric entry mission we could put it on any planet with an atmosphere.

Planetary missions have been suggested MANY times before, here’s just one example:

It’s up there with Multiplayer as the most frequently suggested feature of CIU.


suggested ALOT

but no worry there is the cold one with all the chicken’s that are in it

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