Missing tier rewards!

:star2: SOLVED :star2: everything is okay it was a small misunderstanding

I played a hard mission, in which I made a lot of points and i did not receive the reward for tier 8. I jumped from 7 to 9!

I started a new game to test this bug and I have the proof.
I started the new game with 39 keys from explorations

from the first mission I won 43 keys

plus the bonus of 50 keys for the first mission
the reward from tier 1 is missing in the value of 30 keys and from tier 2 I received 62 keys
in conclusion all the keys received 39+43+50+62=194 …!!the keys at tier 1 are missing!!
This could be repeated and can be a major loss of keys at a higher level even if it can happen very rarely.


You sure? Maybe you received it but it didn’t say it. Can you remember your key count, roughly?
Also, i feel like Bug reports should have their own category, it would help the site feel cleaner

I don’t know if I received them or not

Well damn it.

I’ll reset the game and hope it happens again

Making bug category would help, but just with sorting.

This forum can feel cleaner only after deleting EVERY off-topic post, but we need moderators for that - this way IA can work on the game and not waste time cleaning mess made by users.

I think you’re too harsh on that front, I get what you’re saying and respect your opinion, but usually off topics don’t stash in the front page a lot.


Now I’m 100% sure, I edited the post

Don’t you start at tier 1?

I started from tier 2 because I made over 2,000,000 points

No, I mean starting tier can’t be 0, right?

correct but there is a tier 1

Do you mind starting another game and do a screenshot immediatly?

What do you want to see?

The starting tier. 0 or 1? I didn’t understand you.


Thanks. So it does skip tier rewards.

many keys will be lost this way

Well, there comes a point where you can’t skip them, in terms of point limitation.

yes, but it counts on the lower tiers and levels with 120 waves where you make many points. Well I am looking for any bugs as small as it is because I want to receive the medal for help in the game:))))