Millennium Hatchling Spacecraft idea!

So i saw the very recent screenshot about the reworked Hen solo space craft and i thought to my self…why not own one! The way to get it is that of you won galactic cup OR CHL exclusive perk…maybe? OR a reward if you stayed at active for a whole year CONTINUOUSLY mean of you stayed inactive for 1 day you will have to wait to make that progress again…idk any ideas that MIGHT be useful?

Already suggested way too many times.

If Hen Solo’s spacecraft is added, a copyright hammer will strike CIU.


What why?!



Dyem bro :frowning:

HOLD YOUR HORSES THERE! if IA subjected for copyright then HOW THE F DIDN’T GET A STRIKE FOR USING DEATH ADER (the star wars villan AS A BOSS CHICKEN?!

Apparently, the original Darth Vader isn’t a chicken.

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Darth Vader chicken only shows up occasionally, depending on how you’re playing missions


Yeah and if you look closely they reused him as a chicken boss like what if disney saw this? Wouldn’t they file a copyright at em? Or they Disney just seems to be not caring at all!? IDK BRO

The answer is bright as day; Did you not read or intentionally did not understand?

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