Microphone In Game

should we add a microphone to the game
with option to enable and disable microphone



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already suggested and iA already deny

Yes, I think we should. Because chat = die

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IA disagrees

voice chat never goes well

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Voice chat might sound like a simple idea on paper, but it’s a huge can of worms. I won’t go into the reasons here (technical, economic, abuse, etc.), but it’s definitely outside the scope of a small indie production like CIU.

Just use some other external voice chat system.


With Me,Voice Chat Not Suitable With CIU
We Can Chat So Don’t Need Voice Chat


I agree with you. There is another problem - the language barrier. Unfortunately, not everyone will understand who says what.

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We have Discord.

If voice chat was a thing it would be the downfall of the game

There you said it :clap:

I had that idea too but it would be bad

It seems to me that this doesn’t make sense. Moreover, there are those who will discuss unacceptable topics.

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Issues to be expecting if voice chat became a thing in CIU:

Distorted/Static mics
Background noises
Language barrier (like @SpaceDragon said)
Earrape trolling
Mic breathing
People eating/drinking while voice chat is on

And more…


In my opinion, it is a BAD idea cause some people are TOXIC

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And imagine if you were in multiplayer, playing with 29 other players, with voice chat on.

I don’t know about you, but 3 players are enough for me already. Because it is impossible to play with 10 or more (pings, lags, bugs). You don’t understand whether it’s flying at you or not, because there is complete chaos on the screen (some weapons are covered by an enemy laser).

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There, you’re welcome


Flashbacks of when i played fortnite creative

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