Mass-raiding Missions and New Bosses

Finishing the boss reward (300 keys) and shield breaking reward are distributed in 2 specific status (Finishing and Attacking). Also, if you only dealing damage and contribute ur process to breaking the shield but not finish the boss, you will only receive the reward in the Attacking status.

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Difficulty… I will care about it later. And also this mode is hard, so it need player above tier 50

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A< B

A was tier [50 ,75]
B was tier ]75 , +100]

B will receive harder finishing than A

It is directly in diagram
Higher tier
Finishing phase

And for lower than 50
Give them a raid but it is easy
And doesn’t have too many rewards
So they can enjoy it

Or if you don’t want to then it is ok


Difficulty in this mode will not widely distribute like other missions in the galaxy map, it just only depend on the process and status. In the Attacking Status, the more process all players contributed, the harder the boss will be. Also, skill in the mission config will not be used!

Skillnwould actually be a problem
Removing it would help to make the boss equal to everybody

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I will name it to: Titan Hunt


Why and what??

Because they have a huge amount of health higher than a billion

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Remind me the Titan Henvasion idea of Pidgey…

So the screen game was made by him

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IA still not answer yet

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Sad feeling…

Who made??

I will continue my boss’s design and attack

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Don’t tell him

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Nah. These screens are designed by me.

Tell what???


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Is it the gif or is it that my PC can’t render the laser shot without lagging?

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