Making Delivery missions

Since the Müller series is made out of repurposed interplanetary pizza delivery spacecraft, I was thinking we could actually have delivery missions in CIU.

  • Visit a Space Burger.
  • On the side, where missions and items would normally be displayed, you see an announcement:
  • “Recruit, Restaurant #1152 in Thyestes star system, Alcmaeon constellation, is running out of stocks! It requires an urgent delivery of 7329🍔 and we need someone to resupply them as soon as possible.”
  • Accept mission?
  • Once accepted, the mission will have an expiration date of two days, like assignments.
  • You cannot accept a delivery mission while you already have one active.
  • You can abandon the delivery, but Space Burger Corp. will only give you one delivery mission per day, regardless of whether you complete them or not.
  • The restaurant that is the destination is marked on the galaxy map.
  • When reaching the restaurant, you can sell food up to the requested amount at three times the usual price. So, if 1🍔 is normally equivalent to approximately 0.07🔑, the food sold at a delivery will be worth 0.21🔑, give or take depending on location fluctuation.
  • You can sell the food in separate batches, for example, if the restaurant needs 5000🍔 and you only have 2000🍔, you can sell the 2000🍔 and return later to sell the remaining 3000🍔, as long as you’re not overdue on the two day term. If you surpass the deadline, the key reward will return to normal.
  • If the requested amount is 5000🍔 and you have 7000🍔, you will first sell the 5000🍔 at the elevated price and be left with 2000🍔. You can then choose to either keep the food you have left for a future delivery or sell your remaining 2000🍔 at a normal price.
  • The destination restaurant and amount of requested food is selected randomly every time.

Existing parameters that influence the balance of delivery missions:

  • How much food you collect per hour.
  • The cost of fuel.
  • The fuel efficiency of your spacecraft.
  • The regular food to key conversion ratio at Space Burger.
  • Your galaxy exploration (unlocks interstellar highways to potential delivery destinations)

New parameters that influence the balance of these missions (my suggestions are probably too rewarding):

  • The amount of food that restaurants can request. Suggested: between 4000 and 8000 per mission.
  • The premium food to key conversion ratio received from a delivery mission. Suggested: three times more keys for food than regular.

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New way to farm keys.
I like the idea.

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