Make equipped items customizable on each ship owned

Further explanation of an idea I posted earlier on. This feature lets the player choose what items they want to be equipped on each spaceship they own.

One situation is that when you switch between two spaceships (ex.: Muller to Hatchling), the items that are not needed still stay there and this might accidentally be used on a mission (thankfully, you can cancel immediately).

Note that when you equipped an item on a spaceship (ex.: Muller), that will not be deducted on your inventory when you switch to another ship (ex.: Hatchling). Each ship has like a separate configuration in which your inventory is only the limit — when you exhaust one of your consumables, that will be removed on your other ship in case that was equipped as well.

Also, limited shots removes them immediately.

What do you think?

  • Great idea
  • Too confusing
  • Not needed / useless
  • No idea

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I’ll point out that this is by far not the firſt time ſomething like this has been ſuggeſted.

Link? I haven’t seen anything like this yet, unless this was suggested on other server.

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